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How To Prepare For Your First Class

How To Prepare For Your First Class

So you’ve signed up, picked a class, and booked in… now what?

1. Keep an eye on your email and text message inboxes – including junk!

You’ll receive important information about your first class via email and/or text. This includes when to arrive, what to bring, and any other information you need to prepare. If you don’t receive any correspondence, DON’T PANIC; Check your junk box! 

We’ll also go over everything in this handy blog in the extremely rare case your welcome message has gone astray.  

2. Download the Aleenta App (if you haven’t already!)

Aleenta App, App Store, Barre, Pilates, Yoga, Intro Offer

Our app is the quickest and easiest way to book into classes, right at the touch of your fingertips. Plus, you can read info about your instructor and class style. Available on both the  Apple  and  Google Play  stores!

3. Make sure you have the essentials.

Grippy socks are mandatory for all Aleenta classes, regardless of style (yes, that includes Yoga and F.I.T!). Ever been to Bounce? Those socks are just fine ;). If you don’t have a pair already, they are available for purchase in-studio and online for your convenience.  Grab your first pair now!

A bottle of water is also important, but if you forget, we also have these in-studio. If you find you are prone to sweating, you may want to bring along a small towel as well.

In addition to these, you may need to bring your own yoga mat. This depends on each studio location and is subject to change as COVID-19 regulations continue to fluctuate. If you are unsure whether your local studio requires a mat, you can always reach out to us  Reformer Pilates classes do not require mats.

Grippy Socks, MoveActive, Reformer Pilates


4. Identify any important information about your health history we may need to know.

For your safety, it’s always best to advise your Instructor of any pre-existing injuries, conditions, or if you are pregnant. The more we know about your situation the better we can work with you to create a workout that works for you. Of course, this is always at your discretion and you only need divulge what you’re comfortable with.

We especially encourage if you are pregnant, recently post-partum, or have severe injury or chronic illness to check with your Doctor you are okay to exercise prior to attending class.

5. Prepare to arrive 10-15 minutes before your first class.

This allows time for you to have a calm and easy introduction to your first class. When you arrive, your Instructor will give you a tour, showing you our changing areas, bathrooms, store and of course – the studios themselves! Then, they will chat to you about the class and any concerns you may have, including anything outlined in step 3, as well as your fitness experience and goals. Once you feel ready, you can then settle in and not feel rushed to get started.

Could you imagine doing all of that coming through the door 2 minutes before class? Neither can we, so be sure to arrive early!

6. Starting on our 7-day intro offer? Get familiar with ALL the perks!

Okay, so you probably know our intro offer includes unlimited Reformer Pilates classes, as well as mat classes like Barre, Yoga, and F.I.T. But did you know, you also get unlimited access to our virtual livestreamed classes AND on-demand wellness platform, Me by Aleenta

Me by Aleenta, Online Workout, On Demand, Virtual Exercise


Can’t make it to the studio one day? We bring the studio to you and you can join live via Zoom! Want a shorter workout? Perhaps a totally different style? Me by Aleenta has workouts as small as 15 minutes, ranging from Yin Yoga to  Cardio Dance! Not sure what to cook for dinner tonight? Ever heard of healthy chicken nuggets? We have delicious, nutritious recipes available too.

Make the most of your intro offer, and try it all!
First time hearing about this amazing pass? Grab yours here.

7. Follow our social media to stay up-to-date!

While we do have a monthly e-newsletter, immediate up-to-date information about all things Aleenta is best found on our socials. Get to know our team through hilarious Instagram reels, and catch daily posts ranging from mental health, to workout tips, to #bodypositivity that will help you on your fitness journey.

Follow us on Instagram!  @aleentabarre



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Now that you’re prepared for your first class, all that’s left to do is sit back, relax and buzz with anticipation. We can’t wait to meet you!

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