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Barre Burn

Aleenta’s signature barre class. Barre Burn is a low-impact full body class that combines elements of ballet technique, Pilates and yoga. Classes focus on building strength, flexibility, and balance through small, repetitive movements targeting specific muscle groups. Barre is great for improving posture, coordination, and overall body awareness. You’ll feel your legs shaking and those innocent-looking dumbbells get your arms burning.

WHY BARRE? Barre is the ideal low-impact class for those with a love of movement, beats and fun!

PERFECT FOR: Lower limb strengthening and those starting out with exercise again. A great option for those who are pregnant or post-natal as the majority of the exercises are performed in an upright position.

FITNESS LEVEL: Suitable for the beginner right through to the dancer. No dance or coordination experience required.


A whole body workout, Circuit improves your cardio fitness while enhancing your strength, stamina, and mobility. This dynamic class is the perfect combination of cardio and strength training, designed to build muscular strength and endurance and promote heart health. With stations of short, high-intensity exercises followed by minimal rest periods, you'll be challenged from start to finish.

WHY CIRCUIT? If you're looking for a time-efficient, full-body workout.

PERFECT FOR: Increasing your strength, muscular endurance and heart health!

FITNESS LEVEL: A base level of fitness is ideal.

Mat Pilates

A dynamic, whole-body workout featuring classic Pilates repertoire combined with modern exercise knowledge. There is a focus on the muscles around the body’s core, creating stability, flexibility and strength. Classes are based around the Pilates principles of breath, control, precision, concentration, centring and flow.

WHY MAT PILATES? Pilates is the ideal low-impact, moderately paced class for those with joint pain or injuries, as well as anyone wanting to challenge their control and stability.

PERFECT FOR: Injury prevention, strengthening core and back strength.

FITNESS LEVEL: Perfect for Beginner - Advanced. Class can be modified as per your fitness level or body requirements.

Mat Pilates Plus+

Building on the foundations of Pilates, Plus amplifies the fitness benefits for our experienced and strong clients. Above and beyond working your core muscles, we challenge the whole body with a combination of added resistance, higher intensity and endurance. This class sets a more demanding pace than our Pilates class, while maintaining good form and technique. It will load your muscles to build strength and bone density, challenge your flexibility and boost your coordination.

WHY MAT PILATES PLUS+? If you love mat Pilates and want to elevate your practice.

PERFECT FOR: Those looking for more challenge on the mat. We use a 4 week period to train a particular area - e.g. endurance.

FITNESS LEVEL: Intermediate - advanced with a strong understanding of the foundations of the Pilates method.

Reformer Focus

Reformer Focus is Aleenta’s class for beginners or clients with limitations, pain, pregnancy restriction or injury. This class is led by an experienced Instructor with confidence in modifying. Reformer Focus is a traditional full-body workout focused on alignment and strength just like Bodyformer but the exercise design is low in coordination, high in reps, low in risk, and high in support for neck, back, and wrists. The format of layering is the same as Bodyformer but the Instructor is comprehensive in educating the what, how, and why for clients.

WHY REFORMER FOCUS? A smaller group class to allow more personalised attention for your specific requirements.

PERFECT FOR: Those who are entering, or re-entering, fitness with new considerations for their body and movement.

FITNESS LEVEL: Can be any level of fitness. The focus here is support and attention on movement suitable for your body.


Bodyformer is Aleenta’s signature group reformer Pilates class. A traditional full-body workout focused on posture & toning. It’s a challenging, moderate-intensity workout great for all levels and those who want to focus on technique, increasing strength and stability. Your Instructor will offer lots of options to cater for different abilities and provide guidance to ensure great technique as you reach for the stars.

WHY BODYFORMER? An all-over body workout, increasing core, back and glute strength.

PERFECT FOR: Clients who want to focus on increasing strength & balance without the cardio.

FITNESS LEVEL: Beginner through to the experienced.

Bodyformer Plus+

Bodyformer Plus+ is Aleenta’s class for the experienced and strong client. The class requires a minimum of 20 reformer Pilates classes under your belt. Clients must feel confident in a full plank position on the floor for 30 seconds as a benchmark. Bodyformer Plus is a traditional full-body workout focused on alignment and strength just like Bodyformer plus a focused physical challenges/benefits rotating in a 4-week cycle.

WHY REFORMER FOCUS? Take it up a notch! Or more... This class will bring you the challenge you're looking for. Each cycle will focus on a new area - endurance, strengthening, cardio or advanced moves. You will see noticeable changes in your movement over this time as your instructors expertly guide you through these progressive workouts.

PERFECT FOR: Those who are continually choosing the challenging options in Bodyformer and are wanting more.

FITNESS LEVEL: Intermediate - Advanced.

Reformer Stretch

Reformer Stretch is an active stretch class where myofascial release meets mind-body connection in this dynamic, restorative class. Incorporating Pilates stretch exercises, the dynamic aspect of the class is designed to increase mobility and range of motion in the body.

WHY REFORMER STRETCH? If you're inflexible or spent many hours hunched over a desk, this is a great class to stretch out those muscles.

PERFECT FOR: Unwinding the mind and body. Stretch will have you feeling lengthened, flexy and chilled.

FITNESS LEVEL: Beginner through to experienced. No prior experience necessary.

Slow Flow Yoga

Experience a sense of flow in this steady and moderately paced yoga class. With its roots in Hatha, students will link the breath to mindful movement by creatively transitioning through yoga postures (asanas). This slower-paced flow class allows time to explore the postures while cultivating strength, flexibility, balance, and calm. Cues and guidance from your instructor throughout class will help develop the Yoga foundations in your body.

WHY SLOW FLOW? Let the ancient practice of Yoga bring you into a deeper connection with your body. You'll not only strengthen your body in this practice but also your mind. And you'll float out feeling more peaceful and centred than how you arrived.

PERFECT FOR: Bringing awareness to your mind and body as you flow through postures that open, strengthen and lengthen the body.

FITNESS LEVEL: This class is beginner friendly & easily modified for pregnancy or post-natal clients.

Strong Flow Yoga

Building from our mediative slow flow, this faster-paced vinyasa-inspired practice encourages immersion in breath connected movement leaving you feeling energised and centred. This more energetic yoga flow class features more challenging sequences and stronger holds to cultivate strength, focus & energy.

WHY STRONG FLOW? Bring the heat with flowing, dynamic practice. You really will feel energised during and after this class as you cultivate and find that energy and warmth from within. An empowering and strengthening class - both internally and externally.

PERFECT FOR: Those with an interest in dynamic yoga styles or wanting to challenge their movement practice.

FITNESS LEVEL: Are you a total beginner? We suggest starting with a Slow Flow to get to know foundational yoga shapes and their names to get the most out of our Strong Flow.

Yin Yoga

A meditative yoga style, this practice features passive floor postures that are held for 2-5 minutes at a time. Yin yoga offers a deep stretch, increases circulation in the joints and improves flexibility. Yin Yoga can be challenging but rewarding, creating a calmer mind and cultivating inner stillness, while maintaining & increasing mobility.

WHY YIN YOGA? Yin Yoga is a practice of meditative movement. If you struggle to find stillness in your meditation Yin is a gentle form of movement that will help invite mindfulness into your life.

PERFECT FOR: Those wanting to slow down. A way to reconnect with yourself - mind, body and soul.

FITNESS LEVEL: This class is beginner friendly & easily modified for pregnancy or post-natal clients.