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Something's Coming, Tuesday...

The Game Changer

We're a self care movement powered by women, for women, so you can put the 'I' back into prioritise!

In the non-stop joy ride of life, self care often takes a back seat! And often, it's women who prioritise other people's needs over their own health and well being.

That's why Aleenta Health Club was created. For women to come to a safe, fun and welcoming space to move and feel good. So they had more energy for themselves and put back into their lives.

So, when we say that taking care of yourself isn't selfish, it's self-love, trust us - it's a game changer.

"Great place - lots of styles/exercises to try. Good times and even does Virtual classes if you can't join in person. I've tried a lot of places (reformer style) and I recommend doing a combination of Barre and Pilates.

If you have a sock obsession - this might be your new go to place"

– Linh Nguyen

"The teachers are amazing. All of them. Mind blowing. The studio is beautiful, calming and homey. The classes are super fun and exciting. I'm totally in love with this place ♥️"

– Nathalie Arco

“Instructors are so friendly and supportive. Classes aren't too intense which are perfect for me as a beginner”

– Mandy Cheung

“What an incredible experience. I’ve never felt so welcome in a class before. Not to mention the care and assistance she shows in her class. I’ll 100% be back and will be telling everyone about it!”

– Steve Jordans

Beginner? No worries!

We aways move together so you'll never get left behind in class!

Our Teacher are trained to guide classes with layers and modifications so that anyone from first timers to advanced clients will get the most out of their 50 minute session.

We have LOTS of different class styles (seriously, lots) with many of them being newbie friendly.

Teaser Pass $ 49

* Pass starts from your first booking. For New Clients Only. Only one per person

Try It Out!

Slip on those grippy socks and get ready for a fitness-filled week! Experience Aleenta Health Club with unlimited classes during your Teaser week! Get ready to sweat, laugh, and discover your new favourite way to stay fit!

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