"The studio offers a variety of classes which challenges both your physical and mental fitness. All the instructors are absolutely wonderful and are always there to answer any questions you may have, correct your form as needed and lend a helping hand. I love the atmosphere of the studios and that each class concludes with some deep breathing and relaxation."

Keren Lebowitz
Rundle Street Studio

i noticed results in 3 months...

"I really enjoy barre classes at Aleenta because the Barre Tenders are friendly, helpful and immensely skilled at their profession. I noticed results in 3 months of doing 3 classes a week!

The studios are inviting, calming and clean. Highly recommend!"

Louise Evans
Bourke Street Studio

My Body Is Getting Stronger...

"It’s really nice to walk in and be greeted by every tender with a smiling face. 

My body is getting stronger and my mind is feeling free. I’m totally addicted. My husband’s new words to me are ”Who are You” - he is also enjoying the change. You girls have been so encouraging and knowledgeable."

Cindy Miller
Mermaid Waters Studio

Such a welcoming atmosphere...

"I have been attending Aleenta Barre for just over a year now, and continue to be motivated by the instructors and challenges. Such a welcoming atmosphere and all the instructors are so friendly and supportive. With classes changing every 4 weeks, I continue to challenge myself and improve my fitness without ever getting bored!"

Alana Ross
Glenelg Studio