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Welcome to the Club! We’re here to make your booty stronger & your life easier.

Walking into a new studio can be a little intimidating. What to expect?. What to wear? When to arrive? Which classes to do? We’ve all been there!

Here’s a guide, so you can get to know us better. Knowledge is power!

First time in studio –

what’s the go?

Your first time at Aleenta is exciting, and maybe a little intimidating, especially if exercise isn’t really your jam (or you’re trying new movement for the first time!). Rest assured, our team is made up of some of the kindest and most genuine humans around! 

Expect a fun, welcoming environment from the moment you walk through the doors. You’ll be greeted by a smile from your instructor and you can chat with your friendly soon-to-be workout besties in our calm, light-filled studio. 

Here’s your first visit checklist:

  • Wear comfy activewear that allows you to bend, reach, stretch and twist!
  • Arrive 10 minutes before your class.
  • Meet your instructor.
  • Get a tour of the studio.
  • Chat about your goals and make plans, discuss any injuries or if you are pregnant.

And remember to bring grippy socks – these are compulsory in all studio classes as a safety and hygiene measure. Thank you for understanding! If you don’t already have some in your life, they’re available for purchase at all of our studios.


Prenatal & Postnatal FAQs

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Class Etiquette


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