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Reformer Rental

Pilates At Home.

Love reformer Pilates but can’t get to a studio? Training to become an instructor? Or ready to add some spring to your workout?

Performance coach James Clear’s book Atomic Habits outlines a simple set of rules we can use to guide ourselves into focused routines, which become your good habits.

Well heck, a gorgeous new wood-frame reformer, delivered direct to your home (Adelaide Metro), checks the first three boxes.

No. 4 will flow when you get those endorphins pumping.

Hiring with us also means you can begin, continue or refine your spring-weighted Pilates practice without the upfront commitment of buying one.

Enquire via this form or contact for more info.


Your reformer rental is a 6-month contract (26 weeks). 

Direct debit
$35 a week, or

Upfront payment
$34 a week ($884)

$300 to be paid prior to delivery. The bond will be refunded within 7 days of the end of your lease period, pending a condition assessment of the carriage.

$99 delivery in Metro Adelaide (ground floor only, for safety reasons). Must be a smoke-free home/premises.

Please see the FAQs below for more details.

Who can hire an Aleenta reformer Pilates machine?

You can! Aleenta members, casual studio pass-holders and the general public are welcome to rent a reformer with us. 

If you’re training to become an instructor, at-home reformer hire enables your self-mastery, practice teaching, and video assignments to be done without leaving the house or sourcing (and paying for) a studio space.

Hiring with us is also a great option if you: 

  • are considering testing reformer Pilates on your bod for the first time but can’t make it to studio classes;
  • want to enhance your spring-weighted workout mastery;
  • have clinical injury rehab with a physio and want to continue your targeted work at home; or
  • love virtual workouts on your own terms.

What’s included in reformer rental?


Your carriage comes with a box and jumpboard, along with an extra standing board for more grip. 


If you live within the Adelaide CBD and suburbs, we deliver and pick-up the carriage to you for $99.

[Please note that for safety reasons we only deliver to ground floor premises. We will take you through the features of the machine and also provide you with a link to our video on how to use and look after the machine, which you can refer to for information during your rental period.]


We are always happy to answer your questions and troubleshoot with you, or give you tips on how to alter the carriage settings for your body and needs. Simply email

Reformer features & specs.

Our reformers are commercial standard, affordable and super user-friendly. 

Wheels make it easy to move.


  • Beautiful wooden frame
  • Size: L 2.43m x H .68m x W .77m 
  • Weight capacity 110kg
  • 6 Springs – 2 heavy 2 medium 2 light ( 3 levels of adjustments)
  • 8 wheel carriage system, smooth and quiet ride
  • Double looped and soft hand/foot straps
  • Padded footbar, platform, head rest, jumpboard, box and carriage, for your comfort
  • Adjustable headrest and shoulder rests
  • Additional grippy standing board 
  • Wheels for moving forward and back

Reformer Safe Practice Guidelines.

Your safety is important to us! Please follow these guidelines as minimum safety requirements and remember to listen to your body during all workouts.

  1. Always use slow and controlled movements. 
  2. Always step onto the stable part of the reformer before the unstable part when standing on the reformer (eg. one foot to platform, then other foot to carriage).
  3. Keep even tension on the straps especially in kneeling or two points of balance.
  4. Be cautious on a light spring as the carriage will slide easily.
  5. Avoid standing and balance exercises if you’re pregnant or have unsteady balance (especially if you’ve been unwell or have a health condition that affects your balance).
  6. Always accompany children under 16 years on and around the reformer (the springiness and moving parts may be a hazard for small children).
  7. Be aware when kneeling with arms in straps as this is commonly an unstable position. 
  8. Always put on a spring before you take one off.

Reformer Hire FAQ's