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Why challenges are important for your fitness journey

Why challenges are important for your fitness journey

With Aleenta’s upcoming MixTape Challenge, you may wonder why you should join? Whilst awesome rewards are fab, it’s not really about ‘winning’ at all. Here’s the real reasons to join a challenge, and why they’re actually important for your fitness journey:

1. Challenges are a great motivator for newbies or when you’re in a motivation slump.

So many of our clients started/re-started their fitness journey with a Challenge and have stuck with it ever since. Why? Firstly, you commit to at least a 3-week challenge pass, which helps keep that fire to attend classes going. It’s not too short or too long and the 3 weeks makes it easier to build habits and routine around going to class. You’ll then find it far easier to stick with your fitness routine long after the challenge is over. And a reward or two adds to the fun!


Challenge intro offer: 3 weeks of unlimited classes for $99


For current members, it’s easy to fall into a workout slump, especially in the Winter months when it’s colder. Those early morning classes just don’t seem worth the freezing journey out of bed. During these times, challenges come in handy to act as an extra motivator. In our most recent client survey the #1 issue everyone mentioned is . Keeping up the motivation consistently. A Challenge is fun and gives you a great reason to get there.


2. Challenges help push you to reach new goals.

If you’re someone who attends 1-2 times a week, but have been wanting to increase that, a challenge is the perfect time to start fortifying new habits. Challenges often require you to attend around 3-5 classes a week to complete. Having a reward up for grabs if you push for those extra couple of classes every week may just be that extra bit of motivation you need, and after 3 weeks it will feel like a normal part of your routine. Before you know it, voila! You’ve successfully reached your goal.


3. You may discover a new class style you really enjoy.

If you started at the barre and swear by its magical powers, we totally get you. You’ve found exercise that works for you, so why try anything new? Well, there’s a reason Aleenta offers more than just barre: variety! And to have a balanced routine it’s good to mix-up your fitness. Some cardio, combined with lower intensity, with lifting some weights (hello, Barre. Strong!) . What’s great about a challenge is there are usually 3-4 classes outside of your go-to’s that we encourage you to attend in order to complete it. In the case of our upcoming  Mixtape challenge, there’s no requirement to trial different classes. But hey if you’re gonna take part, why don’t you mix-it-up? While it may seem daunting to step outside of your comfort zone, the magic is often just outside it. Variety is important for our fitness journey, which is why Aleenta changes its routines so often. Not only does the body get used to doing certain exercises, but at some point, especially if you’re someone with lots of fitness experience, you may no longer find it challenging. Especially if improvement is your goal, whether it be in strength or stamina, trying something new is your next step.  And our challenges gently push you to do just that.

Female instructor kneeling on a reformer pilates machine holding a pilates ring


4. It’s a great time to prioritise you. 

Do you find yourself searching for the perfect reason to finally prioritise your health and fitness? While we encourage self care at all times, we know it can be hard to justify taking out extra time to take that leap. Between juggling work, caring for your family, and study among other things, fitness sometimes ends up at the bottom of the list… And that’s nothing to beat yourself up about; it happens. Committing to a challenge is a great first step in moving fitness higher on that list. Treat it like a retreat of sorts: take 3 weeks to fully reinvest in your health, try new class styles and see what works for you. By the end of the challenge, not only will you feel incredibly rewarded, but you will have an idea of the classes and commitment with which you want to continue. In short, you can fall in love with fitness again.  After all, it’s easiest to prioritize that which makes us happiest.

Want to sign up for our next challenge?

Newbies can grab an exclusive challenge intro pass here.

Current members can sign up here.

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