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Barre Stars - Gaynor

Barre Stars - Gaynor - Aleenta BARRE

Aleenta is proud to have a variety of clients, and to provide a space where we can celebrate our differences. We have people from all walks of life attend and LOVE our classes, and we want to share their stories so you can celebrate their achievements alongside us, and really get a feel for our community.

SA client Gaynor recently reached 500 classes at Aleenta. To celebrate this achievement, we are excited to share her story with you!

Tell us a bit about yourself Gaynor!

Very ordinary!! Grew up in Belair/Blackwood area, went to Mitcham Girls HS.  Started work life at Myer in the city in the Lay-by department (when there was such a thing!!)  – then moved on to several other personal assistant / office type jobs.  Had kids (2 grown-up kids, daughter 27 and son 25) then my husband and I moved to Old Reynella 25 years ago and started up a small Welding & Steel Fabrication workshop (Reynella Steel Supplies, Fabrication & Welding) and still here doing the same thing…


What brought you to Aleenta initially?

My daughter was living at Glenelg, received a 2 week pass to the opening weeks for the new studio in Cowper St, she started coming and was pressuring me to join her – which I hesitantly did (wasn’t sure of what to expect) but after the initial shock of discovering muscles that had been in hiding, became addicted!


What results have you experienced?

Overall strength, balance is certainly improved and now have calf muscles!!


Have you always been fit and active?

Have always enjoyed being active, Netball, Calisthenics, Dog walking, Gardening & was a regular gym & fitness class member.  Also worked at Lifestyle Fitness Centres back in the mid 80’s.

Barre, Women's Fitness, Women over 50

You have been a Member with us for 4 years now and completed 500 classes, what keeps you coming back?

The variety of classes, professional instructors,  small class sizes, calm surroundings – was over the loudness, lining up to get in to classes and the whole busyness of the gym/fitness class experience.

I’m not a Glenelg local, but I find that I leave home at the same time to arrive at Glenelg as when I did to go to the local gym as I had to fight for a car-park and line up for class, sometimes couldn’t get in and would be turned away.


Why do you find Aleenta classes help you?

Having had a few health issues over the past several years, I find the Aleenta classes focus on strength and technique, and can always modify if necessary, which suits me.


You enjoy a range of classes - what is your favourite and why? 

I like the variety and enjoy that the routines change often – probably my favourites are Pilates, Blend & Yoga but do throw in a couple of Burns and on the odd occasion a FIT class each month as well.


Anything else you would like to add?

The classes suit a wide range of people, ages and fitness levels –  It can be a bit daunting trying something new but the staff at Aleenta are very welcoming and encouraging.

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