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Bachelorette... at the Barre? 😱

Bachelorette, Bridal Party, Barre Class, Client Story
Getting married during the throes of a global pandemic isn't ideal for anyone, but Jo was determined to make her wedding dreams come true in 2020. The venue was booked, restrictions were slowly easing, borders were lifting... Everything was looking up as family and friends from local and interstate alike were gradually able to attend. But then, tragedy struck... an influx of international arrivals turned Jo's wedding reception venue into a COVID quarantine medi-hotel. Just two weeks before her big day, her venue became off-limits to all, and she was forced to relocate… On the highly coveted day of 10/10/20. Yes, that's a nice-looking date, and Jo's not the only one who liked it: it was a popular day to get hitched for many.
Thankfully, Jo's original venue set her up at the Adelaide Zoo, and her wedding reception ended up being bigger and better! Crisis averted!


Bride, Wedding 

However, her and her bridesmaids were still not allowed to stand and drink, let alone dance and drink, for the Bachelorette. For Jo, 'fun' and barre are one in the same, and luckily, she had already organised her hen's night to be a hen's day, clucking away at Aleenta instead. The bridal party had a wonderful time sweating it out in a private class with one of Jo's favourite Barre-Tenders, followed by lunch and bubbly afterwards. And she wouldn't have had it any other way.

     Bridal Party, Bachelorette, Barre     

Jo started attending Aleenta one year ago. At the time, she was struggling with the stress of her job as a secondary school teacher and her mental health was suffering as a result. Since starting classes with us, Jo has found that her mental health has made a complete turn-around: the community of clients and tenders, combined with the rush of endorphins exercise brings, has left her feeling amazing in mind, body and soul. Aleenta is Jo's happy place, and she is at the studio almost every day of the week! Her love and passion for Barre is infectious, and now even some of her bridesmaids have joined the Aleenta family since Jo introduced them to us ❤️

 Bride, Barre  

We would like to congratulate Jo on her wedding, as well as her ongoing health journey.

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