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Thinking of taking barre classes? Here's some tips for Barre Beginners...

Thinking of taking barre classes? Here's some tips for Barre Beginners... - Aleenta BARRE


At Aleenta BARRE we know being new to barre classes can be intimidating. You are unsure about what to expect. Is it going to be hard or too easy, will you be able to keep up, be coordinated enough and the list goes on...

But the best part of being a new student is that no experience is required :)

From your first class we are here to help - we want you to focus on what you want to achieve by attending classes and we are here to support you. Everyone is part of our community from the very first class and the best part about being part of our community is that we are here to cheer you on and pick you up when you need a little encouragement.

Barre classes don’t require any experience, we teach you everything you need to know in-class. Our specially qualified instructors (or Barre Tenders as we call them) will carefully guide you every step of the way, and work with you to correct and improve your technique. 

All-body workout

Barre classes offer a complete body workout – providing great bang for your buck! After each class, you will feel muscles you didn't know you had.  And if you don't - you haven't pulsed or pliéd hard enough - everyone who attends class (no matter how fit you are) should feel some muscle fatigue. In fact, the more classes you do, the more you perfect your technique and the harder the classes should become. 

Any age

You don’t have to be at a certain age or fitness level to begin barre classes. Barre classes are suitable for all ages as they are low impact and we can modify the classes to suit you providing exercise modifications throughout class.  


Barre classes will also help you increase your flexibility. Our Barre Blend, Yoga and Yoga Barre incorporate yoga and ballet stretches perfect for increasing your flexibility. So not only will you be strengthening and toning - but you will also improve your flexibility.

Are you thinking about trying barre?  Head to our FAQ's to learn more about barre classes! Look forward to seeing you at the barre soon. x

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