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How to maintain a healthy balance during the festive season...

How to maintain a healthy balance during the festive season... - Aleenta BARRE

As we head into the silly season, it can be difficult to maintain your balance mentally, physically and spiritually :) We spoke to our Barre Tenders about how they maintain a healthy balance during the festive season....


For Cara Geracitano (pictured above), Life is all about balance! "Eat healthy all the way through and treat yourself on occasion with Christmas lunches with family. Look down at your plate and make sure there are some Veggies or greens on your plate! Keep up your exercise throughout the festive season and you will feel good- and work off those puddings and desserts!"

Kasia Lalewicz, Adelaide Barre Tender, believes Dec is the new Jan barre lovers! "So don't put your goals on hold. Keep your workouts merry and bright! Allow yourself to eat your favourite foods, just sample small portions. Drink more water to feel full and stay hydrated. Enjoy the sunshine and keep smiling!" 

Angelique Van Kempen, Melbourne Barre Tender says it "'Tis the season to be jolly so why not love the skin you’re in and with a bit of positivity in the mix of the day, calm stressful vibes by getting active outdoors with family and friends - the fresh air will do you good!"

Andrew Haycroft (pictured) says STRESS LESS!

"Enjoy the food, enjoy the booze (responsibly), enjoy your family and friends, but most of all remember to laugh at yourself a little. We can all have fun in class when you get back from your holiday but isn't the most important part that you do it all with a smile? I'll see you all in class while I'm working off my Christmas as well!"

Leana Brown from Aleenta BARRE Mermaid Waters says Hydration is the key! "The summer heat is ready to kick..especially here in Qld! The parties begin and food options are endless with buffets and platters of royal sizes. Keeping up your water intake will not only plump the skin, will also reduce appetite and the chance of those big nasty headaches. In the morning add a little lemon to cleanse the kidneys ☺" 

We all agree - balance is about enjoying everything - just exercising some moderation. Except fun -  have as much fun as possible!

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