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Getting the most out of your barre class


How do you make the most of every class? Read below to maximise the benefits of each and every class :)


1. Workout with great technique

Working out with great technique keeps you safe and ensures that you are working the correct areas of your body. Less, correct reps are more effective than many reps with poor technique. The quality of the movement is most important.


2. Listen to the teacher

Listen out for muscle and alignment cues, and corrections in class. These keep you safe and teach you how to connect to the correct muscles and work the right areas. 


3. Commit

Be committed to every rep and every exercise. Work with intention all the time. You are in class for just under an hour, so dedicate that time to yourself. Leave your other thoughts and worries behind for that time and commit to the workout. Be present.


4. Ask questions

Approach the teacher after class if you have got questions. They are happy to answer them ;)


5. Challenge yourself

Shake up your workout! Try a larger weight, go lower, pulse deeper. Challenging yourself is the only way to improve.


6. Celebrate your progress

Set achievable, realistic goals. Once you reach a milestone, do not be shy to celebrate

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