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6 Reasons to Try a Barre Class


When it comes to workouts, the options (and trends and get-fit promises) are infinite. So when someone asks us why they should consider taking a barre class, we tell them the truth: That there’s no one way to do it. There’s no one way to get stronger arms, a trimmer middle, or a backside that just won’t quit.

We simply believe that the barre way is better. And here’s why....


1. You’ll get a dancers body without being a dancer.

We firmly believe the way you work out is the way you’re going to look. Aleenta BARRE is about getting sexy, long, lean muscles like a dancer. We use our own body weight for the majority of our exercises which allows for lean muscle tone which results in zero bulk. The result is a beautiful, long, lean physique.


2. Efficient and Effective.

While many workouts do some form of cardio or strength training, Aleenta BARRE blends intervals of strength training, cardio and stretching so it’s really a one stop shop that sculpts every inch of your body. We designed the method to make every second count and give you maximum results in the least amount of time. But the best part is you’ll actually have fun while you’re getting stronger mentally and physically. Plus, we offer a variety of classes so you’ll never get bored or plateau.


3. Barre is really fitness for life.

Most barre moves are totally low impact and easy on the joints…which has meant that we’ve been able to teach the same clients for years. Barre classes make you strive, not suffer. (In other words? You’re working smarter not harder…with gorgeous results!)


4. Core, core, core.

From upright postures to mat-based moves, core-focused sequences not only get you through class with head-to-toe results, but also mean you’ll walk taller, breathe more efficiently, and feel more centred 24/7 as a result. Fun fact: 80% of our class engages your core muscles.


5. Benefits from the inside out.

Besides getting a gorgeous physique, weight-baring barre work increases bone density while building lean muscle (and as a result, your metabolism). A sense of empowerment and liking how you feel in your own body are built into each class.


6. It works.

Endless plies, butt-lifting glute work, and music that keeps you moving through the burn (and amazed with yourself in the process) are what make Aleenta BARRE work. If you want to change your body quickly then see results for life, then you’ve come to the right place.

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