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10 Things to Expect from Aleenta Health Club

10 Things to Expect from Aleenta Health Club


Just stumbled onto Aleenta Health Club? Not sure what we’re about? We got you! Here’s 10 things to expect at our studios:


1. A peaceful environment for a peaceful practice


At Aleenta Health Club, we pride ourselves on the set-up of our beautiful studios. As soon as you walk through the door, you’ill be met with some light music, a clean space, a pop of colour, beautiful greenery and neat spaces to store your belongings safely. Where you take class has a big impact on the quality of your experience, so we make sure that you feel welcomed and calm right from the get-go!



2. A warm welcome

After taking in the space, you will be greeted by one of our front-desk Community Coordinators and/or your instructor. They will talk you through check-in, give you a tour of the space and what to expect in class. They’ll want to hear your story and what brought you to us so we can tailor the experience for you. And of course answer any budding questions you have. Our team is always ready and willing to help whether it’s your first class or your hundredth!


3. Lose the shoes

All classes at Aleenta Health Club are with grippy socks. Sneakers do not serve barre, Pilates or Yoga movements well since you will require a lot of dexterity in your feet. So get ready to leave your shoes at the door and grip the floor (or reformer machine!) in some MoveActive grippy socks.

4. Community

Aleenta Health Club is just that - a ‘club’ where community members not only take class together, but often become lifelong friends! We’ve even had marriages and babies through class friendships and community! Your instructor will always introduce you to your mat (or reformer) neighbour so you don’t start class feeling awkward and alone. Our members love to ease beginners into their first class and will happily chat to you in the few minutes prior to getting started!



5. Great tunes

After sitting down and meeting your neighbour, you’ll notice music playing, getting you pumped up for class. Undertaking any form of exercise should be a sensory experience to be enjoyed. Music enhances all that we do at Aleenta Health Club, and our instructors carefully select playlists that complement and enhance each class; encouraging motivation, celebration and relaxation. Our song selection is based on science, which we wrote a blog about here, so you are guaranteed to have even more fun at your first class!  


6. New muscles

Barre and Pilates in particular target small muscles in addition to the well-known larger muscle groups such as the glutes and abdominals. You will likely feel the burn in places you never thought you would, discovering muscles you didn’t even know you had! Movements are often small to isolate and target these areas. Get ready to pulse, squeeze and hold in unique positions that will have you burning like never before!


7. Technique, technique, technique 

Be prepared to be coached by your instructor, potentially quite a lot, on the proper way to undertake each move throughout your class. Excellent form equates to an effective workout and a little change can make a huge difference. At Aleenta Health Club, you will get the unique experience of one-on-one guidance in a group class setting because your instructors want to ensure you get the most out of each class!  


8. Bambi legs and baby steps

Your first class might leave you feeling a little uncoordinated as you learn the ropes. Negative thoughts can crowd the mind: ‘how will I ever be able to get through a whole class, with perfect technique, looking as effortless as those around me?’ Remember that your instructor and fellow club members have been attending classes for months or even years! At this stage, you are merely Bambi: your legs are shaky and you are still getting the hang of moving in a new way. Don’t be too hard on yourself! Take baby steps; finish today’s class, come back tomorrow and talk to your instructor about technique tips. It will all fall into place.  


9. Mindfulness & Connectedness

While each class may be different, all end with the goal of leaving students with a sense of peace, space, mindfulness and connectedness with their body. After having a nice stretch to wind down at the end of class, give yourself a mental pat on the back as you prepare for breath work or savasana. Take this time to let your mind and body rest after all the hard work you just did! Expect to leave class standing a little bit taller, walking a little more gracefully and feeling a little more engaged in the present than when you arrived.   


10. Craving for more!

After your first class, you will find yourself feeling rejuvenated, and perhaps a little sore 😘 But the dopamine hit you get from exercise can be addictive and will trump that muscle soreness as you feel yourself getting fitter and stronger! It’s no secret that after our clients come once, they find themselves coming back again and again. We acknowledge that passion our members have for fitness, and have rewards waiting for you when you hit class milestones including your 100th, 250th and 500th class! Additionally, that feeling of community just keeps getting better with regular challenges, retreats and special events. So what are you waiting for? Book into your first class today!

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