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  • Improving your Posture with Aleenta BARRE

    A good posture is essential to your overall health. We all have memories of mum saying  'stand up tall, don't hunch over'. Well, turns out there is good reason for this...

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  • Getting the most out of your barre class

    How do you make the most of every class? Read below to maximise the benefits of each and every class :)

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  • Top 10 Health Benefits of Barre Classes.

    1)  Makes You Stronger The isometric contractions that make up the bulk of a Barre class occur when the muscle tenses without changing length. With one-inch movements you can hold a...

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  • Why Barre Is Good For Your Body.

    Barre workouts change your body.  Barre training consistently tones and lengthens your muscles, making you look and feel firmer and slimmer. Not only that, but it gives you a sense...

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  • #BarreGirlProblems

    We've all been there - Those thoughts you have during your barre classes, the mental fight to work through the burn, the subconscious ballet movements you now suddenly do around...

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  • Student Stories: Liu Lu

    Meet Liu! Adelaide BARRE enthusiast, Rundle Street student and current 2 Week Unlimited Intro Pass Record holder. Liu amazingly broke the record of 16 classes by achieving a massive 19...

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