Student Stories: Liu Lu

January 11, 2017 2 min read

Meet Liu! Adelaide BARRE enthusiast, Rundle Street student and current 2 Week Unlimited Intro Pass Record holder. Liu amazingly broke the record of 16 classes by achieving a massive 19 classes whilst on her pass. She is now an Unlimited Member, along with her husband this duo has been absolutely loving the benefits of barre.

So we sat down with Liu to find out a bit more about her barre journey...


How did you come across Aleenta BARRE and what made you want to try barre classes?
I was looking for a place that my partner and I can both go to do excersise. We needed somewhere that either close to city or close to where we live, and we wanted to attend different classes instead of just using equipment in a gym. So when my friend recommended Aleenta BARRE to me we decided to give it a go. 
You started with a 2 Week Unlimited Intro Pass and knocked the record of 16 classes in Adelaide OUT OF THE PARK by completing an amazing 19 classes! What drove you to attend that many?
I wasn’t planning on breaking the record when we first started! We tried a few classes and my husband told me that the classes were really helping him with his back pain from sitting so much, so we decided we should try to attend more classes. In the 2nd week, we noticed that we only had a few more to reach 16 classes (the record), so we decided to set our goal to break the record just to challenge ourselves - and we both did!
What results have you seen so far by attending barre classes?
Definitely increased my strength and build muscle tone.
Which studio do you attend and what's your favourite class?
Mostly Rundle Street, and sometimes we go to Mawson Lakes studio as well. Abs and Extend is my favourite - because it’s not as intense as the rest.
What's your advice for Barre Newbies when starting out...
Try all of the 6 classes if you can so that you will get an idea if it’s something you are looking for. Also I like to try classes with different Tenders.
3 quick questions:

  1. Fave activewear? Lorna Jane

  2. Fave Barre exercise? Definitely not arms…

  3. Fave food? Mango

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