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Improving your Posture with Aleenta BARRE


A good posture is essential to your overall health. We all have memories of mum saying  'stand up tall, don't hunch over'. Well, turns out there is good reason for this nagging! A good posture reduces stress on your ligaments, tendons and muscles - it is essential for balance which results in less injuries and muscle fatigue.  


So what to do if you have poor posture and spend a lot of time sitting?


1. Stretch - stretching helps improving your flexibility improving posture. Inflexible muscles are a key cause of poor posture.

2. Strengthening your muscles to improve your balance. Your core muscles (including back, side, pelvis and buttocks) are a link between your upper and lower body. Poor core muscles encourages 'slumping' or tipping your body forward. Strong lower leg muscles are also super important for keeping your steady when standing.


And guess what? Barre class is perfect for both of these! Our barre classes incorporate yoga which includes stretching to increase flexibility and motion. And our traditional barre classes (Barre Blend and Burn) are great for strengthening your core and lower leg muscles (hello plies!)


If you ask our Master Trainer, Alicia Harvie, what is her favourite exercise she always says heel lifts where you stand on one foot and lift the other for 30 reps. And then repeat on the other side. It is awesome for improving lower leg strength. (TIP: Try to do 30 on each leg every morning in the shower :)


You will be amazed once your body feels more supple and stronger, how much better your posture is and how you simply feel like you are naturally standing taller.

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