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Student Stories: Olya Dmytriyeva

Statuesque Olya has been attending Aleenta BARRE Flinders Lane since September 2014. She loves barre and that it is targetting those 'female problem areas'. Here is her story...

I live in Melbourne and work in banking.  And as my days usually go outside of 9 - 5 I have to be smart on managing fitness/leisure time. 
I am so happy to have discovered Aleenta Barre as the Flinders Lane studio is just around the corner from my work. I like to train and stretch at around midday which gives me heaps of energy to continue a busy afternoon. 

In my early years I used to do Rhythmic Gymnastics on a professional level. But due to the lack of time and some injuries I decided to quit when I was just 15. 

Unfortunately this is not a great age for the female body to switch from four hourly training sessions six times per week to no exercise at all. Wishing to have that body back, I have tried many different ways to exercise. I have long legs and I am quite tall (5'11") and I DON'T WANT TOO MUCH MUSCLE!! I only want long beautiful Victoria's Secret model like legs and a perky butt! 

And from my experience Barre combined with cardio and a healthy diet is the only thing that has worked in my favour! I have been training at the barre for more than 8 months now and have lost more than 10 kg so far and have completely reshaped my legs and butt. I am hoping for another couple of kilos so I can be a proud owner of that "90 x 60 x90". I have not changed anything else in my routine since starting barre - so attribute the weight loss and toning 100% to barre.

My favorite thing about Barre is that with the ballet moves we specifically target and tone those "female problem areas", whilst staying feminine and graceful. 

Thanks for sharing Olya. x
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