Barre: How it all began.

July 06, 2015 2 min read

It all started in 1959. 

The birth of the Barbie doll, the death of Buddy Holly – it was a tumultuous year as the world continued to adjust to post-war life and shift towards the swinging 60s.

Amongst it all a German-born dancer living in London quietly pioneered her own style of fitness that changed the world - ballet barre.

Inspired by her desire to strengthen the spine and core muscles, Lotte Berk’s intensive combination of ballet, strength-training and yoga has since been adopted and adapted - initially in the USA by one of her students, Lydia Bach. More recently its benefits have returned to the UK and into Australia, where those seeking supple, lean and strong bodies and minds are embracing the variations of this tough but cleansing workout.

The aim is to tone and strengthen the muscles, not through intense cardio activity or heavy weights, but through precise, graceful (when possible) and measured movement that channels the very best of dance, stretching and core work. Individual barre studios, such as Aleenta Barre, have adapted their classes to focus on any or all of these aspects and to increase the cardio aspect for those seeking the ultimate in body transformation.

At Aleenta BARRE, our hour-long classes typically consist of a five minute warm up session, followed by sets focussing on the arms, legs and core muscles and finishing with stretches and a brief moment of yogic meditation. Studios are designed to be fresh, light and calming and instructors are not only there to get the very best from the students, but to guide, encourage & offer advice on technique.

The world has changed a lot since 1959 – but the beauty and potential of a strong mind and body remains very much the same.

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