Student Stories: 'Aleenta BARRE has changed my life'

December 18, 2015 2 min read

This morning I was sitting at my desk reading feedback from our students, when we received an email from one of our Melbourne Barre student’s Angela enquiring about her membership and in the email she finished with - 
“Merry Christmas and happy NY to all the wonderful staff at Aleenta BARRE.
 Barre has changed my life! Love it.”
I was blown away and intrigued. How had it changed her life? Receiving great feedback from our student's always make me incredibly happy. Happy that we have created a business which impacts our students lives in such a meaningful way.
I wrote back to say thank-you and let her know how much we appreciated her feedback. And she responded with the following email:
I started with Aleenta in the beginning of 2015 possibly when the studio was just opening. I had just quit my gym membership and received an Aleenta flyer walking into work. That day changed my life!
At the beginning of my journey with Aleenta I was terribly upset with my post baby body having suffered muscle separation after my second pregnancy. I was always very fit and motivated in my 20s, but after having kids in my 30s, I was suddenly time poor and tired.

Aleenta BARRE Bourke Street - Angela
Aleenta BARRE Bourke Street - Angela
Aleenta BARRE Bourke Street - Angela

Walking into Aleenta for my first class I didn’t know what to expect. I was currently speaking with doctors about surgery in the hope of fixing the separation (major surgery). I had tried Pilates and the Tupler Technique to reduce the separation but I didn’t get the results I wanted.
Attending Aleenta BARRE this year has reduced my muscles separation to the absolute minimum, given me back deep core strength (visible definition) and overall body strength to keep up with my kids. I desperately want other women in my predicament to know they can change their bodies post-partum not accepting muscle separation or the need for surgery.

I’m almost in disbelief at the result and I am now telling all my ‘mummy friends’.
I thought I would never love my body again. Thanks so much!

As corny as it sounds, this actually brought a tear to my eye. I love that Aleenta BARRE is having such a positive impact on women's lives and that we are playing a part in helping women re-connect with their bodies, particularly after having babies. As a mother myself, I understand being constantly torn between looking after ourselves and our families, balancing work, fitness and motherhood.

Reading Angela’s email helps me when I am at work away from my kidlets knowing that what I am doing is helping others. It makes it all feel very worthwhile.
Thank you Angela. Feeling very blessed :)
​Co-Founder Aleenta BARRE

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