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Out The Mouth Of Barre Babes: Grazina

Out The Mouth Of Barre Babes: Grazina - Aleenta BARRE


Hi, I'm Grazina. I've been coming [to Aleenta] since about 2017.

So, at the time I was really just coming once a week on a casual pass to, you know, suss it out, see what it was all about and really enjoyed the variety of classes and so I changed to the Unlimited pass soon after. I wanted to change up my routine. actually; I was doing a lot of walking but found that I wanted to do more cardio. I wanted more strength um and tone training, just to get an all body workout. [Something that] wasn't going to, I guess bore me to death, that I was not going to be able to keep up and I think I found when I was originally doing the casual classes, it was really sustainable and I wanted to come to more.

So, the unlimited pass really allowed me to do more in the week and get a great variety of the different types of classes like the F.I.T., Burn, Pilates... So you don't need to have dancing experience to come to Aleenta Barre. Yes, there's, you know, some ballet poses but everyone learns and the Tenders are really great in showing the correct positioning and what to do to reduce impact on certain elements of your body and certainly if you've got injuries or you're just nursing a particular area and there's always modifications. So you don't need to be proficient in dancing or even coordinated to come to class! Yeah, there's all different levels of you know, fitness and people's abilities, and I think everyone just comes to have a really good time and yeah, we all support each other and the Tenders are wonderful at that.

I think just the routines, change monthly, which keeps it really interesting and fun and I find that every single week you get stronger in certain parts of your body and that's always really interesting to just know that your body and the mechanics and things that you didn't realize you could do, you can do and just how it keeps you really energetic. I have to say at Burnside it'd really be the people in the community; so it's a great group of both men and women, so it's diverse! We do get guys coming to class! You have your regulars and so week to week you start to see the same people and familiar faces and create really great friendships.

The Tenders are always really energetic and fun, and just a little shout out to Sarah and Courtney because they're really great in just keeping things motivated and alive and really pumped throughout! I've just passed the 500th class mark, which, you know, #500CLUB!  Which is really surprising actually to hear that I'd, yeah, been coming that often. It's just a testament, that it's a really great environment and lots of fun and something that you can really keep up and incorporate into other levels of activity that you might already be doing or if you're not doing it at all, then, or not doing much at all and it's a perfect and perfect type of activity to come to.

>>> It's so easy to join and so fun to be apart of our studios! If you want to try out classes and experience it for yourself, starting on an UNLIMITED Intro Pass is the best place to start. This way you can try ALL of our classes (barre, mat Pilates, Reformer Pilates*, yoga and HIIT) over 7-days.

*Reformer Pilates classes only at Mawson Lakes, Glenelg and Mermaid Waters Studios.

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