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Out The Mouth Of Barre Babes #4

Out The Mouth Of Barre Babes #4 - Aleenta BARRE

Why did you come to Aleenta? "I came to Aleenta looking for something different on the Gold Coast. Something that would really work on my muscles, it would really work on my body in a different way. It's all about toning my body and I find out that this technique is so unique. By just doing this barre, the pilates, the F.I.T classes that they have really combined all the muscles from my body and I did not only find that was making my body feel like more stronger and healthier at the same time I just found out how happy it makes me and I just, anything that makes my soul happy is always welcome.

I just came here for one class and I haven't been able to stop coming and I really highly recommend it to everyone to come."

What do you love most about Aleenta? "The whole environment of the place is so pretty, so well maintained. The classes it completely changes all the time which is really important cause you don't want your muscles to be working the same way. So, I noticed every month the girls changing the routine. So, you just never know what sort of surprise is going to happen when you come to this shop. You just make me so happy!"

If you've been searching high and low for a place to feel good, be encouraged and welcomed by a great community and well trained Instructors you should probably try out classes with a 7-Day Intro Pass - no surprises just great vibes. GET A 7-DAY INTRO OFFER

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