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Mindful Merriment this Festive Season

Mindful Merriment this Festive Season

christmas at aleenta health club all about balance

It's all about balance!

We think you deserve to unwind, in whatever form that takes. Maybe you're melting into a more Zen time or maybe you love a good party. We also know that this time of year can be not-so-merry for some. 

"Everything in moderation, including moderation." – Oscar Wilde

We’re here to help you find your glow of contentment as we move into the New Year. 

You ARE the Christmas Party

aleenta health club mindful christmas

This season, we're social and shimmying about town. The gin flows and life is decadent. Fill your cup with good chats, dancing, or whatever you love, with people who warm up your heart. Savour every sip.

If you know you're going to have a few drinks, and you're prone to the ol' "hangxiety" (feeling unsettled after a night out), own it and take measures beforehand to help you sleep well and feel calm the following day. 

Our gingerbread-making festive wonder and head yoga teacher, Annie Johns has a go-to for anytime you need to ground yourself quickly – the Butterfly Hug Method.

“This is great bilateral stimulation when you’re anxious, overwhelmed or upset, and need to soothe and calm yourself swiftly,” Annie says. 

“It’s amazing for kids as well as adults!” 

Hold your hands in front of you, palms facing your chest, cross your wrists and interlock your thumbs (like a “butterfly”) the way that feels most comfy. Tap your fingers on your chest, just under your collarbones, for as long as you need.

We reckon if you take a beat to decompress before a do, and for goodness sake, eat something (yep, your mum was right), you’ll be set to waltz into that party feeling clear-headed and ready to mingle. 

On the flip side, there are times when you’ll reassess your social calendar and energy levels.

Aleenta founder Kylie Roberts loves a gathering but says but sometimes you just need to …

Say no, joyfully!

“I had 7 straight evenings of events,” says Kylie.

“That’s a lot for me! And I had to make the call to drop a couple of things because I felt stretched to my limit – it’s good to remember that we have the power to say ‘no’.”

We hear that!

Jen Watson, an Aleenta instructor of many talents, says booking friends for coffee dates in the New Year, instead of the December rush, saves her feeling spread too thin.

“The greatest gift you can give your family is to have the energy to be present for them around Christmas,” she says.

Maybe doing a little less looks like holding healthy boundaries so your heart can stay open and full of fire. Perhaps you adapt traditions to suit the waves of life. 

Our magical barre & yoga teacher, Charlotte Cowper, says this year her family has swapped gift-buying for connecting with each other over good food and other homemade goods.

“We decided no presents, and it’s blown my mind – it’s a huge weight off my shoulders!” she says. “I’ve made watercolour art Christmas cards for people, and it feels lovely and meaningful.”

Our doors are open


livestream online zoom and on demand classes at aleenta health club christmas schedule

We say, staying active helps you feel merry! Our studios are open for you through it all, apart from the public holidays (there are always classes On Demand, though). 

Keep that vital energy moving through your body for a healthy mind and an even metabolism.

If you can't join us in the studio, enjoy your warm ocean swims or tranquil forest wanders – or tap into your fave classes via our livestream, online! 

Stuck for gift ideas?


Aleenta Health Clubs christmas gifts

Grab some lux goodies in our Aleenta online store – or you can pick up something spesh next time you're in the studio!

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