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Joyful Fitness: Discover The b. class® at Aleenta

Joyful Fitness: Discover The b. class® at Aleenta

A joyful cardio dance class like no other, The b. Class® hits our Summer schedule at Glenelg and Mawson Lakes.

We know you'll b. loving it.

Our inspiring b. leader Jen Watson says, ‘It’s a great cardio workout to tone your body and just as importantly declutter your mind, set goals and find some clarity.

‘This class will find you when you least expect it and most need it.’

As renowned US neuroscientist Dr Daniel Tarsy says ‘music has a very stimulating effect on physical activity ... (and) I think the same applies to dance’ (i)

Based on that we think it’s no surprise The b. class® became a global sensation soon after founder Tara Newbigging launched it in Canada in 2012.

Energetic leaders and easy-to-follow, dynamic choreography to the beat has made the confidence-boosting practice wildly popular in Jen’s eastern Adelaide studio community for about four years now.

Aleenta Health Clubs brings joyful cardio dance workout The b. class to Adelaide studios at Magill Rd, Mawson Lakes and Glenelg.


Adelaide naturopath and long-time client, Heidi Hogarth says The b. class® is always a good idea.

‘No matter how tired or unmotivated I am, it always makes me feel better,’ she says.

Beginners welcome!

A recent University of South Australia study shows physical movement is 1.5 times better at reducing the symptoms of depression, anxiety and distress than counselling or even the best meds (ii).

Doing something you find both challenging and enjoyable 3 times a week that combines physical, cognitive and social stimulation helps optimise your brain health as you age (iii).

So don’t worry if you’re dancing to the beat of your own drum – the palpable enthusiasm of our b. leaders will draw in even those of us with 2 very left feet.

‘Three classes and you’ll be hooked,’ Jen says. ‘Come as you are and let the music move you.’

The b. class® features weekly on our Magill Rd, Mawson Lakes and Glenelg schedules this Summer. 

Book your spot now – you won't want to miss out! 



Who is The b. class® for?

All women aged 16 and over. Dance is for every body. The lights are dim, the music is loud and your leaders hold a container of space for women to grow and self heal. It really is a movement to b you! 

What do I need to bring?

Bring a towel and water bottle. You’ll get sweaty!

Can I be barefoot?

We recommend wearing clean and supportive sneakers. We like to keep the floor clean as sometimes you’ll hit the deck for burpees and plank jacks disguised as moves (these can of course be modified for all bodies and injuries). If you really would like to go shoe-less you’ll need to wear grippy socks.

What can I expect from my b. leaders?

A huge welcoming smile and infectious energy and enthusiasm.

Can I Zoom the class from home?

You can join livestream classes from our Magill Rd studio at 7pm Mondays and 6am Tuesdays. Ultimate Unlimited or Ultimate Livestream members can access a recording of the class On Demand for 7 days.


Ready to get started? Check out our 7 Day Intro Offer, exclusively for new clients.

New at Aleenta? Let us answer more of your questions here.

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