Barre Tender Spotlight: Mariah

May 02, 2019 1 min read 1 Comment

Barre Tender Spotlight: Mariah

Mariah has been teaching with the SA team since late 2018. She is from BC Canada and now resides in Adelaide. Mariah found Yoga when studying at the Vancouver Film School and has undertaken yoga teacher training in Canada, the USA, Bali and now Australia. We put her under the Spotlight and asked her a few questions...
Tell us a bit about yourself...
I've been a long-time yogi for about 13 years. I am very passionate about living a mindful life and guiding others to do the same. I love the outdoors, camping and playing in the ocean. I am also passionate about creative expression.
Why did you become a Barre Tender?
I originally came to Aleenta as a Yoga Teacher, but they convinced me I would make a great barre Tender too ;) I really wanted to enhance my teaching skills.
What do you love about being a Tender?
I get deep joy out of seeing students achieved their fitness goals and connecting with students and the Aleenta BARRE community.
Fave Class...Blend & Yoga
Your Spirit Animal?
Otter - I loved them growing up in Canada. They are playful, love to swim and love to eat food off their bellies 😜.
Fave quote..."You can do anything, but not everything". A good reminder for when I try to do too many things at once.
Fave saying in class.... Namaste - The divine light in me, see and honours the divine light in you 🙏

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