Booking classes

You have two options - you can either book and pay for a class here on our website or download our app and book a class via our app.

Yes you will need to book in! As there are limited places and our classes fill quickly. If you don't reserve a place you cannot be guaranteed a spot when you turn up. To get into your preferred class, we advise to book early!

As there are limited numbers per class, we would really appreciate if you cancel as soon as possible. You will need to cancel 6 hours prior to avoid forfeiting the class. ​You can cancel your class the same way as you booked in.


We recommend you arrive 10-15 minutes before class. You can get changed and leave belongings in the change rooms. Leave your shoes and socks in there too. Your BarreTender will show you what equipment you will need for the class. You can then find yourself a spot in the studio where you feel most comfortable.

Something comfortable that you can move in. Remember you are here to exercise. We recommend something stretchy like yoga pants - no shorts unless you don't mind everyone knowing what colour your underwear is!

Grippy socks are required. We have barre grippy socks available to purchase should you wish to wear socks. Please make sure socks have 'grip' on the bottom, otherwise they will not be suitable.

Due to COVID, we currently require you to bring your own mat, grippy socks, water bottle and sweat towel. You are more than welcome to bring your own or purchase in-Studio or online here. Hydration is important. We recommend that you do not bring valuables with you.

What to expect from class

NO! We use the barre - but that’s as far as dancing goes. Barre is a low-impact fitness class, meaning there is a low level of stress and safer on your joints.
Absolutely NO dance experience is required.

Aleenta BARRE is a non-impact (excluding Barre F.I.T) one-hour workout that is very challenging. The workout targets your body using isometric movements.

Inspired by ballet, yoga and pilates, Barre is its own fitness style and unique to all other styles of exercise.Traditional barre involves stretching and flexibility, balance drills, body weight exercises and a whole lot of fun.

Don't expect to get through a whole class your first time - in fact, we say give yourself 10 classes to get there.

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Barre is one of the fastest, most effective ways to change the shape of your body. Clients see the best results when they take 3-4 classes per week. After 10 classes you will see clear toning improvements.

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Absolutely, men can do barre! In fact we have many male students who have found that barre has been the perfect recovery and injury prevention from running and sports such as Aussie Rules Football. Just be warned, you will be surrounded by gorgeous women, sorry.

"Like most runners I only started looking at strength training after getting injured. The Aleenta BARRE classes focus heavily on building the posterior chain from the oblique, glute, hamstrings to the calves and strengthening the core. They’re movements which couldn’t be better tailored for athletes and dancers recovering from injury and building the protective armour to prevent future injury – putting the tiger in the cat. I particularly like that as the instructors have come from a dance background they have a strong understanding of the body, its range of movement and the importance of form. I kinda feel like I stumbled across the secret to training and running a Marathon PB without destroying myself."
- Simon Tu, Aleenta BARRE Member

Barre Etiquette

Arrive 15 min before class starts, get yourself ready and claim a mat; stretch and chill before class. Many Studios will be locked at thestart time of each class. This is for students safety, so get in early so you don't miss out!!

Unfortunately if you are greater than 5 minutes LATE to class, you will NOT be able to attend. Due to risk of injury to yourself from not participating in the warmup, we cannot allow latecomers to join the class.

Please advise the Barre Tender if you have any pre-existing injuries, if your are pregnant or if you have any concerns which may affect your participation in class.

Feel free to have a chat to your barre neighbour - find out why they love barre (before class starts).

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Pop your mobile on silent and leave it in your bag - this is time for you to get away from the hustle and bustle of life. 

Bring your bottle of water and towel, but leave the rest in in the allocated location.

Please do not bring anything valuable - as we take all care but no responsibility.

Take breaks, shake it out, have a drink, shake it out again then jump back into the routine. The more classes you do the more you'll be able to do!

Out of respect to the Barre Tender and other students, once class starts please refrain from private (long) conversations. A quite laugh and joke here or there (cause, hey, you should have fun when exercising) but keep those D&M's for coffee catchups.

You can do it! Commit to the class, be present and test yourself from that first leg lift to the last stretch. Your body and mind will thank you. If you know you need to leave early - tell the Tender prior to class.

Due to COVID, we currently require you to bring your own mat, grippy socks, water bottle and sweat towel. You are more than welcome to bring your own or purchase in-Studio or online here. At the end of class please wipe down any weights used (only equipment that will be provided) and the barre - and place weights away.

Of other clients and the Tenders. Please refrain from excessive and loud disruptive talking and noises during class and in meditation. 

But most importantly...HAVE FUN!