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"Why I Love Pilates!" with Angie Ashri

"Why I Love Pilates!" with Angie Ashri - Aleenta BARRE
We all know Angie as our resident Pilates master in SA 😍 But like many of us, her fitness journey had humble beginnings. With the Rundle Street Reformer Frenzy around the corner, we sat down with Angie and asked her about all things Pilates in her life, so that you can feel a little less nervous about coming along and trying it out for yourself. Believe it or not, she wasn't always the super strong lady we see today!


What was your background before starting Pilates?

I have worked in many different industries. Predominantly, I was performing as a dancer on international contracts. I returned to Australia after a few years and fell into my fitness journey unintentionally. I taught Zumba for a short time and then became a Barre instructor after my first baby.

    When did you first encounter Pilates?

    Firstly as part of my Performing Arts Diploma but I had no appreciation for it at the time. It wasn’t until I’d had my second baby that I turned to Pilates for rehab as I knew it was the only thing to repair my pelvic floor and strengthen my core. I had a number of post-natal issues that needed attention.
      What made you fall in love with Pilates?

      Regaining mobility and strength within my own body and eventually eradicating post-natal pelvic pain. I speak to people every day about post-natal problems, postural issues, back pain and the list goes on. I love showing them how Pilates can improve their quality of life. Through Pilates I can help people and it gives me the warmest feeling. I get to hear success stories every day, it is so incredibly rewarding.

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        What improvements did you see after starting Pilates?

        Improvements happened slowly, over time. While practicing Pilates, my pelvic floor pain stopped and wouldn’t return for some time after class. My abdominal separation improved. I became stronger and toned all over. Walking became more comfortable and eventually (3 years post-natal) my constant pain disappeared. My mental health improved immensely. I no longer felt that I was going to be broken forever.
          What long term benefits have you experienced from your continued work in Pilates?

          Personally, I have become so strong both mentally and physically. The physical post-natal problems I still have, continue to improve a little every year. I continue to learn more about how Pilates is crucial for functional movement. Ultimately, just talking to people I learn about problems in their own bodies and I’m able to explain how Pilates can help. I regularly offer exercises and coaching. I believe everyone should be able to move through life to the best of their ability and I want to share what I’ve learnt.

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            Mat VS Reformer: do you have a favourite? What differences do you love most about each?

            Ooo, good question. I honestly love both and each serve important purposes. Mat is essential to understand the foundational movement and how important the core activation is. Every exercise stems from the core. Adding in the element of equipment creates a repertoire of hundreds of exercise variations. I love how versatile Mat is.


            Reformer is a lot of fun and it challenges stability that cannot be achieved on the mat. I love finding wild exercises and discovering I’m able to execute them. The reformer adds resistance which can’t be attained in Mat. This creates a super strong work out.

              When did you know you wanted to become a Pilates instructor?

              When I realised that Pilates had given me back quality of life I never thought I’d have again. I couldn’t even walk properly, it was agony. This information is so invaluable, if only everyone knew! I want to share and help as many as I can who are suffering common ailments and especially those on their post-natal journey.

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                What is your advice to someone who has never done Pilates before but is keen to start?

                It’s important to tune into your body and try to feel what the instructor is explaining but don’t expect to be perfect. If you can’t feel the exercise working the correct muscle, ask your instructor to guide you.

                “Always Believe in Yourself”. This is my favourite quote and I always find it to inspire and guide me in moments of uncertainty.
                  What is your advice to prospective instructors?

                  Never stop learning. There is so much information to absorb and you will learn something new in every course. Listen to other instructors, especially those with a lot of experience. Take lots of classes, there is so much to be learned just by watching and listening to someone teach. The way I cue has evolved over years of study and teaching. Don’t expect to be a pro at the completion of one course.

                  Becoming a Pilates instructor gives you the power to change lives. You are about to become a superhero.

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                    Who would you recommend Pilates to?

                    Everyone can benefit immensely from Pilates. Any exercise can be modified to prevent further injury and aid recovery. Pilates is particularly important for pre and post-natal women. Everyone can benefit from learning how to re-align their posture and reactivate muscles that have become lazy. It’s never too late to start and the sooner you do, the sooner you enjoy the benefits.


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