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Aleenta Instructor Mariah Gates hits our screens with 'The Holistic Approach'

Aleenta Instructor Mariah Gates hits our screens with 'The Holistic Approach' - Aleenta BARRE

We are super proud to share our Aleenta Yoga Instructor, Mariah Gates, new TV show called 'The Holistic Approach'. This show, airing on Channel 44, explores the health benefits associated with yoga.

The Holistic Approach is a new 6-episode South Australian television series exploring the many health benefits of a regular yoga practice, particularly the mental health benefits. Mariah aims to educate and empower viewers to use the practice of yoga to enhance their daily lives; just as it has enhanced hers.Local experts discuss topics such as yoga philosophy and history, meditation, pranayama (breathwork), movement, Ayurveda, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Each episode also has a short class which viewers are encouraged to try from the comfort of their own home.

Mariah - The Holistic Approach

You can follow Mariah as she travels to different yoga studios interviewing local experts on everything yoga. The program touches on yoga practices from an experiential point of view as well as from an evidential, Western perspective. Many of the guests on the series are yoga instructors with other areas of expertise, such as psychology, physiotherapy, yoga philosophy, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, pre and postnatal yoga, yin yoga and Ashtanga Yoga.  Mariah also speaks with special guest Adam Goodes during a zoom cross to Sydney, where he discusses his personal experience with meditation both during his AFL career and the 6 years since.

The program has been created for both the beginner yogi all the way to the experienced practitioner, conveying in-depth knowledge in an easily-digestible manner. The short class at the end of the episode is designed for viewers to participate in from the comfort of their own home, however this is a voluntary practice to be undertaken at the viewers discretion. 

Mariah Gates is a Canadian-raised, Adelaide-based yogi. She is a lover of adventure from rural beginnings in British Columbia, Canada and has lived and worked around the world, before travelling to Australia on a backpacking trip ten years ago, where she fell in love with the country, the people, and the culture and now made Australia her home.

Throughout her journey she's carried her home and the values gained from her nurturing, holistically minded parents in her heart.  She is a creative; a determined, environmentally conscious, free-spirited, and courageous woman, continually looking for ways to achieve a more balanced and abundant life for herself and others.

Given her upbringing with an artist and a beekeeper as parents, it’s no surprise that Mariah is equally passionate about creative pursuits, the environment and the outdoors.  One of her earliest jobs was actually in beekeeping, which she plans to return to in the near future.

Today, Mariah is a practicing yoga and meditation instructor in Adelaide, South Australia and can be found teaching at Aleenta Mawson Lakes and on our online program Me By Aleenta.

Mariah found yoga early in life.  While struggling with anxiety and depression, she sought out alternative practices to compliment the Western response to mental health issues; striving for, and implicitly understanding the ability to achieve, holistic balance.  She went on to complete her first yoga teacher training in Vancouver in 2009, and has since continued her yoga study in both Bali and Australia.  She has over 1300 hours of formal yoga industry certifications including studies in Hatha, Modern Vinyasa and Yin yoga.

To this resume of achievements, Mariah adds a diploma from Vancouver Film School, a diploma of business, and is a represented actor with AAA Talent Agency, Adelaide.  All which have organically coalesced during her time in Adelaide to see her hosting and producing the TV series The Holistic Approach.    

Mariah has also been inspired by her work on The Holistic Approach to return to study in July where she will begin a degree in psychology with a major in counselling.  

The Holistic Approach is on Channel 44 with the episodes live streamed on Channel 44’s website


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