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Reformer F.I.T. vs Barre F.I.T.

Reformer F.I.T. vs Barre F.I.T. - Aleenta BARRE

So, you love high-intensity exercise and are a barre F.I.T. bunny! Or, perhaps you’re new to Aleenta and want to know which F.I.T. suits you and your needs best. Unfamiliar with barre or reformer pilates? We recommend you read our blogs covering the basics of barre and reformer pilates so you know how they roll. 

Now, let’s get into the nitty gritty and break down all things F.I.T! Starting with the acronym itself:

What is “F.I.T.”?


Is another term for high-intensity interval training, commonly known as “HIIT.” This fitness style requires you to work for high intervals (anywhere from 20-45 seconds at Aleenta) and rest for short intervals (10 seconds). This design keeps the body working at a high intensity not only during class, but also after class where your metabolic rate can remain increased for hours, and is proven to burn 25-30% more calories than other forms of exercise. This class is exceptionally great for those seeking a challenge, and some extra cardio.

So, what are the differences between Barre and Reformer F.I.T.?

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Aleenta’s original Barre F.I.T. class used a circuit structure, where you would change from mat to mat and do a new exercise on each. In a post-COVID world, we hope to return to this structure. For now, you’ll stick to your own mat, and everyone will do the same exercise at the same time! Currently, our Barre F.I.T. class continues to rotate through these formats on a fortnightly basis:
  • F.I.T. Fusion – 12 groups of exercises, 20s active, 10s rest. 2 exercises per group that combine to create a 3rd exercise. 2 rounds.
  • F.I.T. Boxing – 12 exercises interchanged with boxing sequences. 45s active, 10s rest. 2 rounds.
  • F.I.T. Switch – 6 groups of exercises, 20s active, 10s rest. Each group has 2 exercises that are repeated 3 times. 2 rounds.
  • F.I.T. Zone – 3 ‘zones’ (arms, core, legs), with 4 exercises per zone. 45s active, 10s rest. Combine all exercises at the end for a lightning round!

Your Barre-Tender will allocate the exercises for each class and circuit type, meaning you could very well have completely different classes throughout the week!

HIIT, FIT, Barre, Reformer Pilates, Workout, Cardio, High Intensity, Boxing

Much like our Bodyformer, Barre Burn and Barre Blend classes, Reformer F.I.T. has 1-2 set routines each month. The exercises will be the same no matter which instructor or studio you attend. The format of the class may mimic that of Barre F.I.T. or be entirely different, and is not on a set rotation. COVID or no COVID, nobody is swapping reformer machines! Everyone does the same exercises at the same time.



TLDR: Barre F.I.T. rotates formats on a fortnightly basis and the Tenders pick the exercises, allowing for lots of variation from class to class. Reformer F.I.T. has a set routine(s) each month, allowing you to really hone and improve on an exercise over a 4-week period.


So, here’s the obvious one: these classes use very different equipment! Reformer F.I.T. will always utilise the reformer machine, and depending on the routine(s) that month, may also incorporate 1kg weights, pilates rings and jump boards.

On top of the usual 1kg weights, pilates balls and therabands used in our barre classes, Barre F.I.T. is our only class style that also utilises heavier equipment, with weights, kettlebells and medicine balls ranging from 2 to 12kgs, plus boxes and steps. Equipment use has been minimized during COVID-19 to decrease sharing and touching items without sanitization, however, your Barre-Tender will often find creative ways to let you use as much as they can safely. Trust us when we say the fomo (fear of missing out!) isn’t necessary when it comes to equipment; bodyweight exercises are just as tough!

HIIT, FIT, Barre, Reformer Pilates, Workout, Cardio, High Intensity   

TLDR: Reformer F.I.T uses the reformer machine, and light equipment, whereas Barre F.I.T. uses bodyweight exercises and heavier equipment.

Strength Exercises in Barre VS Reformer Pilates

The last major difference is how the muscles are worked during strength exercises in each respective class. Those who attend reformer pilates often comment on how they discover muscles they never knew they had, or work into areas they did not realise they could access. Reformer pilates has a knack for working our bodies in a very precise way. That’s not to say that barre is not as much of a workout; they are just different. If you are wanting a high-intensity workout, but love the meticulousness and detail of reformer pilates, then Reformer F.I.T. is your match made in heaven! If you want to work-out more traditionally, Barre F.I.T. is your go-to.

TLDR: Barre F.I.T. is more traditional HIIT-style strength training, whereas Reformer F.I.T. incorporates that signature pilates precision! Both are great in their own way.

HIIT, FIT, Barre, Reformer Pilates, Workout, Cardio, High Intensity 

Finally, let’s answer the big Q on your mind: do they garner the same results?

Yes, yes, and YES!!! It is a common misconception that Reformer F.I.T., due to its roots in the slower, cardio-less pilates, will not burn the same number of calories or provide the same metabolic kick. This is FALSE! Reformer F.I.T. has been specifically designed by Aleenta to incorporate the perfect amount of cardio exercises into your workout, so your heart rate still increases to that high-intensity level. It is unlike anything you will find at other, traditional Pilates studios. Both classes are guaranteed to make you #sweat and #work! 

I’m new to F.I.T. and fitness in general: which should I try?

We recommend trying a Barre Burn and a Bodyformer class to see if you prefer barre or reformer pilates first. If you find one is more to your liking, go ahead and try a F.I.T. in that same style. If you like both? Well, why not try them all!

It is important to note that unlike our other class styles, F.I.T. is a high-impact, cardio-intense class, that moves quickly. It is recommended for those with prior fitness experience, however, it can be modified to be low-impact and injury-friendly for those wanting to dive right in. Always let your instructor know if you have any concerns and want to take it easy for a few classes, just to get the hang of it, and never hesitate to ask for modifications.

Want to try it all? Get our 7-day Unlimited intro pass that allows you to try Barre AND Reformer Pilates as much as you like for just $40!

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