Reformer Pilates is coming to Rundle St

17-23 May. $10 classes all week.

Rundle St Adelaide CBD is going to experience a Reformer Frenzy

$10 classes. $70 value. Just for you.


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How Do I Book And Pay For A Class?

You have two options - you can book and pay for a class on our website or download our app and book a class via the app. The Reformer Frenzy is ONLY at the Rundle St Adelaide CBD Studio from 17-23 May 2021. We know you may like to visit us many times during this week, but due to limited class sizes, only one $10 class per person. When you go to book, simply choose the pass:  


Do I Need To Book?

Yes you will need to book in! There are limited places and it will book out! If you don't reserve a place you cannot be guaranteed a spot if you just drop in. We advise booking in early!

What Do I Do If I Need To Cancel?

As there are limited numbers per class, we would really appreciate if you cancel as soon as possible. You will need to cancel 6 hours prior to the class to avoid forfeiting the class. ​You can cancel your class the same way as you booked in.

Do I Need To Bring Anything?

Yes please bring grippy socks (you can bring your own or purchase in-Studio), water bottle, sweat towel & a rockin' attitude! We recommend that you do not bring valuables with you.

What Is Reformer Pilates?

Reformer Pilates at Aleenta are group fitness classes using traditional Pilates exercises on the reformer machine. This machine has a sliding carriage with springs that help regulate tension & resistance. It is a great all-over body workout if you are looking to build core strength or recovering from injury. Or simply if you like to workout lying down ;)

Expect: a challenging full-body workout improving your strength, flexibility and balance.

To learn more, head to our blog:


which class is best for me?

We create the Reformer routines centrally to ensure you receive an excellent class every time. Your Instructor will modify the routine and exercises according to the class and dependent on your ability.  
We have two styles of classes on the Reformer:

1. Bodyformer -this classincorporates challenging, yet traditional, Pilates exercises on the reformer machine. It is great for building core strength and stability. Perfect for beginners to the more advanced, this class suits those wanting a full body workout targeting strengthening, flexibility and balance. Great if you are recovering from injury, trying to prevent injury and back pain or simply love a workout lying down!

2. Reformer FIT -This energy-packed class will get your heart pumping. High-intensity cardio combined with strength-based Pilates exercises. Expect HIIT, but on the reformer. This class is not for the faint-hearted and some level of cardio fitness required. Great for those wanting to really get the sweat on in a low-impact kinda-way.

Read more about Reformer Pilates here:


help, i'm a beginner/ I'm Injured / I'm pregnant

Welcome. We love beginners or those starting out again on their journey. We simply ask that you let the Instructor if you have any pre-existing injuries, if your are pregnant or if you have any concerns which may affect your participation in class. We will provide you with exercise modifications to suit your situation. Please always seek Doctor's approval before starting any form of fitness if recovering from injury or are pregnant. We would recommend you kick-off with the Bodyformer class if you are new, recovering from injury or pregnant.

Are There Set Breaks? What If It's Too Hard?

Take breaks, shake it out, have a drink, shake it out again then jump back into the routine. The more classes you do the more you'll be able to do! The key is to put in your version of 100% - so if you're completely new to exercise go at the level YOU need. This is your class.