Tender Christmas Wishlist.

December 21, 2016 2 min read


We all look forward to something special at Christmas. We asked our Barre Tenders what’s on their Christmas list this year…


Tender Cara: I'm hoping for lots of catch ups with people I haven't seen in a while, lots of walks in the sunshine and lots of recipe books for Christmas!!

Tender Maddie: This Christmas I'm hoping for time outdoors with the people I love and rebalancing what's important.

Tender Emma: I'm hoping to make the most of the time with my family as I don't get to see them often. I have a tradition with my little sister to have a photo taken of us with Santa so I'm very happy to be coming home and following this tradition through one more time! I also can't wait to see the excitement from her on Christmas morning opening her gifts... It's always fun being around kids during the festive season!


Tender Amber: This year I hope to bring happiness to my grandpa. I missed his 90th birthday in October and his only Christmas wish is that I come home and take him to McDonald's. So be it!

Tender Brianna: I hope for a safe, happy and healthy Christmas for all my family and friends and to all my lovely readers! Xx

Tender Tra Mi: I’d love my festive season to be full of beautiful summer nights spent with wonderful people, eating ridiculously good food!

Tender Mel: I'm hoping this Christmas everyone has a more compassionate Christmas. This may mean reducing the amount of meat on the table or donating funds or food to those in need.


Tender Andrew: What I really want for Christmas this year is honestly just to see my family in Brisbane. I do contracts all across Australia, but never Brisbane. So I'll just be happy to see my niece and my 5 brothers and sisters who normally also spread across all of australia.

Tender Kyra: I have some really unwell family members so this year for Christmas I am hoping for peaceful and enjoyable memories to hold onto before things start to change too much. 

Tender Tahra: This Xmas all I'm hoping for is sunny days, ocean swims and full belly laughs.