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Student Stories: Lucy Houghton


 Barre is the perfect form of exercise for pregnancy and that's where regular attendee Lucy Houghton comes in! Lucy, a long time Aleenta BARRE member (lover) kept her barre routine going right up until the end of her pregnancy... we just had to share her inspiring story. Thanks Lucy :)


"I have been attending classes since Rundle opened about two years ago and I continued throughout my pregnancy. My last class was at 38 weeks pregnant…. and I went into labour two days after. 

I want to say a huge thank you to all the Aleenta team for their support and encouragement throughout my pregnancy. They were forever focusing on my technique and giving me alternative options when my belly started getting in the way ; )

The classes helped me maintain my fitness, flexibility and helped me appreciate my growing bump! 
I am certain that respecting my body, keeping moving and focussing on my health meant that I had a very straightforward, easy pregnancy and labour. The classes gave me the energy I needed when I was feeling a bit sluggish and kept my body in alignment with my ever changing shape.

My labour was quick and we were both home within 24 hours. People say that labour is a marathon…I did my best to try to prepare for this throughout my pregnancy. 

I returned to Barre 6 weeks after my baby was born after getting the all clear from my midwife. Its great to be back! Again - a big thanks to the team for all their help with modifying exercises and their continued encouragement. "

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