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Queensland Business Barre Babes

Barre fitness has something that other exercise forms don’t have -  it originates from an art form (ballet), a place of creativity and discipline. That means that barre classes although physically challenging are not bound by a ridged set of movements but are expressions of the Instructors creativity. Recently, I have observed that our Barre Studio seems to attract women who display qualities of creativity and discipline expressed through an entrepreneurial spirit to make something wonderful …


Their creativity has led them all to start their own businesses and their tenacity and discipline (well exercised in Barre!) has made these dreams realities.  


So without further delay, let us meet and be inspired by some of the Business Barre Babes that we are proud to have at the Aleenta BARRE Gold Coast Studio. 


Meet  Karrie – Founder of Mi Tierra Colombian Coffee

Hola Barre amigas, my name is Karime but you can call me Kari. I'm a Colombian chica, passionate coffee lover and business owner of Mi Tierra Colombian Coffee Shop. Over the last 8 years, I've acquired extensive knowledge in the coffee industry, from Colombia, London and Australia. I noticed there was many coffee shops offering Colombian coffee in Australia but none of them were owned by real Colombians. Therefore, I decided to bring to this amazing city a vibrant, happy coffee shop with a twist of latin. The name 'Mi Tierra' in Spanish relates to having a connection with somewhere that holds a special place in your heart, and for me and any coffee farmer that's the best way to describe our love for coffee. Come and say hola at our shop, and experience a little slice of South America on the Goldy!


Meet Gunbritt Genuit - Founder of G Graphics



G Graphics is a one-woman design company specialising in web design, social media and branding. The Dutch founder Gunbritt Genuït is a bit of a travel junky, she takes her laptop across the globe, getting wifi from all the hipster cafés on her route. Check out her blog for marketing tips and travel stories


Meet Laura – Founder of Wholehearted Breakthroughs


Laura is a Relationship Connections Coach, Teacher and facilitator. She works with couples and singles to create mind-blowing, passionate, wild love affair relationships within themselves and with their partners. Laura created Wholehearted Breakthroughs, because she is committed to helping you have an epic relationship with yourself and your partner no matter what your starting point is. Laura uses a unique blend of scientific and spiritual principles to create long lasting change. This is unlike any therapy you will have encountered before and won’t require 100 hours of talk therapy or years of counselling to see the change. 


Check out what Laura can do for you at 





Meet Heidi – Founder of Zuperkit – Travel kits for kids


We are a typical family who loves to travel.  As we all know travelling with young kids can be quite challenging so I always looked for fun activity books for our daughter (Zara) to do when we were travelling. I found it time consuming to go to so many different stores to buy quality activity books that would keep Zara entertained.  Then I thought, wouldn’t it be great to have an online store where you could go and buy travel activity packs for kids. This is how ZuperKit was born. 


ZuperKit is the ultimate travel buddy for kids. ZuperKit travel packs are filled with fun, interactive activities to engage and stimulate children on any journey. People can either buy a ready-made kit for different age groups or they can ‘build their own’.  Travelling with kids soon? Head to



Meet Elise Danielle – Founder of EliseDanielle Nutition


Elise Danielle is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Health Mindset Coach. She coaches women to get them feeling amazing in their clothes and teaches them how to eat what their BODIES need so they can find their happy weight WITHOUT dieting.  Elise empowers women to make easy, healthy and sustainable choices so they can find their own version of glowing health for good. After her own battle with diets, Elise is determined to show others there is an easier way to live than having to rely on will-power alone. She believes that you have better things to do than worry about your food day in and day out and is determined to teach the art of effortless health to as many women as possible. We love this philosophy, head to Elise's site for more info:


Meet Jessica Hartley – Founder of Lotus Lending

Hi, I’m Jess. I am a finance & mortgage specialist & am the founder of Lotus Lending. We are a financial services firm based on the Gold Coast helping families and businesses find the right finance solutions. We guide you through the process from comparison, through to settlement and provide ongoing support throughout the future helping you to achieve all of your goals.” Looking for a loan? Have a chat to Jess at 

Meet Alana – Founder of the Self-Love Movement



Alana Arvanitis is a blend of creativity, a passionate lover of life, a powerful intuitive, and founder of The Self-Love Movement. The Self-Love Movement is a global social movement connecting women through the power of gathering and to their True-Self. Alana facilitates live events and workshops, in which women are encouraged to be the best they can be, to expand their minds, to break-free of their own stories and to live a wildly authentic and abundant life full of love.


The Self-Love Movement

Meet Harmony – Founder of Harmony Inspired Active Wear



Harmony Inspired Active wear was birthed by local health and fitness enthusiast, Harmony. Harmony had a vision to provide high quality stylish active wear at an affordable price to influence women to embrace a healthy & active lifestyle.


Her brand, is high performance active wear that can be worn for any sport or activity (Yes, they are totally squat proof!). however our prints are created so that the busy active women can wear her active wear all day looking and feeling stylish and fashionable, boosting elegance and grace with a fun twist. Needing some new activewear? Head to

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