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Our Top Tender Technique Corrections.

We can all agree on something – when you start barre it is challenging. No matter what your level of fitness, it’s likely you will feel some shaking and quivering through those pulses. It isn't long though until your muscles get stronger and with regular classes you notice real and quite dramatic improvement.  

It is at this point that your focus turns from trying not to shake to technique. Take it from us, a tiny adjustment can make a significant difference to your barre workout. 

To help you as you move along the barre journey, our Tenders share their top technique corrections (in no particular order…)


1. Tuck your butt – with any plié, pulse or quiver your butt should be slightly tucked under. This helps you squeeze it and work it harder but it also protects your lower back. Your posture should be upright, head over ankles and press your knees backwards as you plié.

2. Our famous Lazy Pigeon move is a killer, but amazing for butt lifting - to get the most out of it keep your lifted knee behind your hip and your bottom calf parallel to the mat.

3. In true arabesque or dancers stretch, keep the hips square to the mat– this will intensify the stretch and/or the glute workout. 

4. Stand with a tall spine and try not to splay your rib cage forward (on pretty much any exercise).

5. On your upward dog, pull your shoulders away from the ears - this strengthens the back, but also feels great.

6. Throughout class, keep your core firing by drawing your pelvic floor muscles tight towards the navel .

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