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Help! I am New to Barre. Here are our Top 5 Tips for Starting Barre...

Help! I am New to Barre. Here are our Top 5 Tips for Starting Barre... - Aleenta BARRE

We get it. You get told barre is for everybody, that we can adjust the class as you need. But you are worried you will feel like a fish out of water. Sooo many thoughts flooding your brain. Where do I stand? I am unfit – can I do this? What if I look stupid? Will I have to be able to dance? Will everyone be super skinny and gorgeous? (Tip – answer to this one is no 😉)

Don’t stress. We got you. Here are our Top 5 Tips to get you started…

  1. ALWAYS chat to the Barre Tender (Instructor) before class begins. They will give you a rundown of the class and what to expect. They will also ask if you have any injuries and recommend modifications or things to be aware of.
  2. Don’t wait until you are fit. We hear it time and time again. I am not fit enough, I had better get fit before I come to class. Noooooo………that is why you come to class 🤗. Start today as the longer you put it off the further away you will be.
  3. Learn about our classes. The number one reason I hear that people haven’t started is that they don’t know which class to start with! Here is a rundown of each of our classes and a table outlining what each class works. I normally recommend to new clients that they kick off with a Barre Blend. This class incorporates yoga flows and a little more stretching between the movements. Here here for a rundown of the different class styles.


  1. Learn some modifications before you get to class. Here are some basic modifications to pop in your arsenal to give you confidence before you get to class. (NOTE: take note of the modifications NOT the technique of our cute little assistants 😜)
  • Push-ups or Planks: If holding a plank is too difficult, simply drop to your knees until you are stronger enough to hold the plank or do push-ups on the toes. If you are unable to complete a plank or push-up on the ground due to abdominal separation or shoulder or wrist issues, simply complete these on the barre.


        Modification Options: 

        Plank Modification on Knees

        Plank Modification on Forearms

  • In the arms section: Believe me, sometimes holding 1kg weights feels like you are holding 10kg. If too much initially, drop them and do the exercises without the weights.

        Weight and No Weight Arm Modification 

  • Pliés/Knee Bends during quad and glutes sections of barre classes: Work within your range for knee bends – you don’t have to go too low if it is placing too much pressure on the knee joints.

       Grand Plie at the Barre

      Modification Option - come off rise and plié as far as your body allows you.


  • Lower back issues or lack of core strength can cause discomfort when on the floor doing V shaped exercises. Grab a Pilates ball and pop this at your lower back.

       V-sit swith arms out front

       Modification Option with Pilates Ball supporting your back:

       V-Sit with Pilates Ball Supporting the Back

  • Weak core meaning you can’t do two legs off the floor in the core section. Simply drop a foot to the floor and do one leg at a time.

       Leg Lifts

      Modification Option with lack of core strength: 

      Leg lift with one leg lowered


  1. Listen to your body. The Barre Tender can always provide modifications (and you now know some you can perform yourself 😉), but always listen to your own body and know its limitations. If it is too much at any point, take a break and stretch and jump back in when you are ready. There is a fine line between pushing your body and knowing your limitations when you start.


Okay, so there you have it. So when are you booking your first class?

I was at a conference this week with 2000 fitness professionals from across the world and in one presentation Ian from Ian Fitness in the USA got up and said that when someone tells him they are not ready to start because they have got too much going on, he asks them when they think they will be ready? In this one instance this lady said 2 weeks. And he said in 2 Weeks I am calling her and asking what she has done to get started? Because procrastination is always easier than getting started. Do what you have always done and you will get what you have always got!

 So, let's get started today. Click here to purchase your 7-Day Unlimited Intro Offer!

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