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Meet our new Stretch & Recovery Class...Exhale Release 🙆‍♀️

Meet our new Stretch & Recovery Class...Exhale Release 🙆‍♀️ - Aleenta BARRE

What is the #1 class request we receive? 

A stretch and recovery class.

We get it. Life is busy. We need balance to the high intensity world of classes, work, life, family and everything else ;)

Thanks to the amazing Clair Holmes and Meg Mead, we have created an amazing class which aims to provide balance through stretching, recovery and meditation.

According to the Huffington Post, after working out "Tiny tears form in the muscles that help them grow bigger and stronger as they heal. Soreness means there are changes occurring in those muscles and typically lasts a couple of days."

So what this means is when working out we stress our muscles and to help them recover and get the best results we need to rest them and replenish them. 

This is where Exhale Release comes in.

This new class, which launches in Melbourne and Rundle St (SA) on 16 September and Mermaid Waters (QLD) on 22 September is designed to revive, restore, and rebalance your body. 

To learn more about how you can fit this into your current routine, read on.

What is Exhale Release?

Exhale Release is a 50 minute class designed to release tension and tightness in common areas that you face day to day - from the key muscle groups that we work in barre class to the chronic desk dwellers who often have spinal, glute and hamstring tightness.⁠

It is comprised of myofascial release, power stretching and meditation to rebalance the body and the mind.

What should I expect from this class?  

Expect to still "work" in this class and develop strength and flexibility. Move between dynamic stretches, hold stretches and top it off with an extra tasty savasana and meditation at the end of class. 💤

Why should I take this class?

  • To help reduce soreness
  • Boost your over fitness performance and results
  • Replenish your muscles.
  • To feel clear and strong by restoring and aligning your body and mind

Do I only take this class when sore? 

No. This class is great for when you are sore, but it is also for when you just need time out. It is a class for self-care. It will complement your existing fitness routine and help improve and clear your mind. 

What classes should I pair with Exhale Release?

The best part is that it’s for everyone. From those who take the more high intensity FIT and Burn to someone having a stressful day at work. It is particularly great for office workers who are stuck at the desk on a daily basis and wanting to stretch and release their bodies.  

When is the best time for recovery?

The best time for recovery is what works for you. If you like to do two classes then it might be right after a FIT or Burn. For others, it may be on a rest day where you need some rejuvenating or been particularly stationery and need to replenish the mind, body and soul.

Book your class now:

Bourke St & Flinders Lane (VIC)

Rundle St (SA)

Mermaid Waters (QLD)

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