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Bikini Body Workouts

Bikini Body Workouts - Aleenta BARRE


Well, if you always wanted that bikini body and most online programs have failed you, it's time to attend a boutique, supportive, but amazingly challenging and undertake one of our classes.

So, what makes these workouts so effective. Well, at Aleenta the classes are designed by an exercise physiologist and fitness professional. The classes are structured to tone and strengthen the areas of the body we want results; the arms, belly, butt and legs.

Our workouts are designed around muscle endurance, and each exercise is isometrically held for short period of time, with the aid of lightweights, Pilates balls and therabands to provide that extra resistance. Exercises are designed to promote muscle endurance by giving you high repetitions of any given exercise and giving you short breaks. This type of exercise promotes strength not only of the muscles but for the joints.

Have you ever undertaken an exercise program and felt it gets easier over time? Do you get bored of the same bikini body workouts? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, odds are, you would quit after a few days or even weeks. Our body and mind must be stimulated, and many of the bikini body workouts are created for the masses, not individuals and don’t ever change.  Aleenta BARRE classes change every four weeks. We do this to keep workouts fresh and challenging. Muscle memory kicks in about week five/six, and our muscles get used to the exercises given. We no longer improve muscle endurance and strength but become complacent. We do not let this happen!

Another key difference to our classes -  we personalise them. The Tender taking the class will push every individual depending on their goals. If your goal is to get that bikini body, then be prepared to work!!

The Tender will challenge your body and target each muscle group. We utilise light weights to increase the resistance and target biceps, triceps and shoulders to create that shape through the upper body. Working into the back, waist and lateral muscles creates a cinched waist and shape through the midsection. We then work you through a series of glute, quadriceps/hamstring and calf workout to create lengthy, tight and toned muscles in the legs.

With only ten classes you will start to see results and feel tighter in each area of the body. Give yourself six weeks, and transformations start to happen! Give it a go with our Unlimited two-week Intro pass for $50. You might find yourself hooked and used it for much more than undertaking bikini body workouts

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