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Our Top Leggings of 2022

Our Top Leggings of 2022

With so many active wear brands on the market, finding that perfect pair of leggings can get pretty overwhelming, pretty fast! You want your leggings to be high quality and long-lasting, without breaking the bank. Plus, you should look and feel good in them too. We can’t count how many times we’ve thought we found that perfect pair, only to take them for a spin and have the entire class see what colour undies we’re wearing that day 🤦🏻‍♀️

So, who better to test out all the different leggings out there than the people that live in them every day… our instructors! Here’s Aleenta’s top picks for the best leggings in 2022:

Coming in at number 1… Lululemon!


At the end of the day you get what you pay for and Lululemon leggings are extremely popular for a reason. Their high-quality materials always pass the squat test, and feel soft and silky to the touch. With so many design variations, there is something for everyone whether you like a plain and simple black, or the bright and colourful look! Even though they retail on the higher side, what many may not know is that all Lululemon activewear comes with a warranty as a part of the company’s quality promise. So, if your leggings get damaged in any way, you can have them fixed or replaced with a brand-new pair up to 5 years after purchase, which makes the price totally worth it! Here’s what some of our instructors had to say:

Barre, Mat and Reformer Pilates instructor

The [Lulu Align pants] have never lost their soft hug fit and stretch, they even expanded with me all the way to the third trimester and back to normal.”

Barre, Mat and Reformer Pilates instructor

Look 5/5
Feel 5/5
Price 3/5
Squat Test 5/5

Coming in at number 2… Lorna Jane!


Another popular choice and more in the mid-priced range, Lorna Jane is 100% Australian owned and female-founded! One of the reasons we love Lorna is their clear and transparent policies on sustainability, and the ensured fair treatment and payment of the garment workers who manufacture their products. Plus, the hidden hearts in all of their designs make for an adorable, personal touch representing the love passed down from the designer, through the supply chain, to you!

Mat and Reformer Pilates Instructor, Community manager

5/5 - Lorna Jane Lotus

“Perfect Basic Legging!! Beautiful soft fabric, return to shape every wash, amazing thick fabric, 🍑100% squat proof no VPL (that’s visible panty line, lol!) ever 🙌🏼

Coming in at number 3… LSKD!


A streetwear meets active wear brand, LSKD or ‘Loose Kid’ is perfect for the fitness fiend seeking a sleek, minimalist look. In the mid-high price range, LSKD is also Australian-owned and all about promoting an adventure based lifestyle. 

Barre, Mat and Reformer Pilates Instructor, Physiotherapist

LSKD Limitless Seamless full length tight in Deep Teal

Look 4.5/5
Feel 3.5/5
Price 4/5
Squat test 5/5

“I was lucky to be gifted these leggings through Aleenta, and they are great! I believe full price is around $85, which is not too bad, but you can often find sales on the LSKD website. What I like about them is that they are a thick, firm fabric which is supportive and completely opaque. They’re high-waisted and smooth out the whole tummy, hip and thigh area. They did feel uncomfortably firm around the tummy at first, but once they stretch they’re a bit more comfy.”

Bonus: our small business favs!

As a small business ourselves, Aleenta is all about supporting the little guys, so this round-up wouldn’t be complete without a few small, local gems. Here are some of our instructors’ small business picks:

Me by Aleenta instructor (Barre and Cardio Dance)


Look: 5/5
Feel: 4/5
Price: 3/5
Squat test: 5/5

“I’m all about supporting local, First Nations brands, and Faebella has to be my favourite! Not only are they women-owned, but they use designs from fellow Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists on all their active wear. Their leggings are double lined so have an extra layer of protection, passing the squat test with flying colours! I always receive so many compliments when I wear them



Barre, Mat and Reformer Pilates instructor

RARR Designs

A brand that specialises in activewear for the less mainstream, RARR Designs focuses on products for pole dancers, aerial artists and Barre-lovers alike! 

Look 5/5
Feel 4/5
Price 4/5
Squat Test 5/5

“All the other [brands] pretty much get zero. They fall down, fall apart and are see through.”



Don’t see your fav brand listed? Let us know! Tag us on Instagram @aleentabarre

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Written by Sascha Czuchwicki

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