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Women Supporting Women: Female-owned Aussie brands

Women Supporting Women: Female-owned Aussie brands

The Me by Aleenta team’s favourite female-owned Aussie brands and businesses

As Women’s History Month comes to a close, we would like to take this time to look into our future. The future is female after all! The team of women behind Me by Aleenta has put together their favourite Australian brands, founded, owned and run by fellow women!

Co-owner of all things Aleenta!

Brand: Business Chicks

An online platform giving women the tools they need to propel themselves and their businesses forward.

“I have always admired Emma Isaacs, the Founder of Business Chicks - an amazing biz she created for like-minded women. I remember meeting Emma in the early days of her business and her unstoppable energy and ability to connect with everyone was inspiring. Somewhere along the line I read a quote from her which said that ‘as a woman you can have everything - but just not all at once’. This really resonated with me. As a mum, wife, biz owner, friend, woman, daughter, sister - the juggle can be hard. And when it feels hard - I think of this quote. And it calms me and reminds me I can juggle it all - just not all today!” 

Website: https://www.emmaisaacs.com/business-chicks

Instagram: @businesschicks

Brand: Good Studios


Contemporary clothing and homewares label.

“Owned and run by Anny Duff of Adelaide, making local and highly sustainable clothing. Australian designed and made, ethical and downright beautiful clothes that are timeless in both style and function. Anny is also one of the founders of Ensemble, one part of a strong female team doing wild things for the Adelaide community and consumer market!”

Website: https://www.goodstudios.com.au/

Instagram: @goodstudiosaus

Brand: Eco Wellness by sisters Andrea and Chrissy

Reusable, compostable and zero-waste household products.

“Based in my hometown, Adelaide! My household is virtually waste-free, in fact my waste to landfill bin hasn't gone out in 19 weeks AND my recycling bin goes out every 4 weeks. Eco Wellness has many sustainable items which are waste or package free, plus I'm supporting a local, small business.”

Website: https://ecowellness.com.au/

Instagram: @ecowellnessaustralia

Jas Aleenta creative, design and marketing

Brand: Go-To Skincare by Zoe Foster Blake

Skincare made simple!

“It is one of THE BEST gentle, no-bullsh*t added skincare that I've ever used on my skin! Never once have I had a bad reaction and the products smell divine! Also, as a designer, their branding makes me 🤤 (always love when I get a delivery!). I really enjoy the simplicity of their products as I'm not really into my skincare - so, the curated selection of products really appeals to me. I completely trust them to do all the thinking, ‘cause well, their products contain zero nasties. They absolutely tick all the boxes as a business doing its best to give back; cruelty-free, inclusive, sustainable and charitable - supporting Reforest Now, The Children’s Ground, The FRRR and Look Good Feel Better (you can donate when you checkout!).”

What are my Top 3 Go-To's? Properly Clean - Facial Cleanser, Face Hero - Face Oil & Transformazing Single - Sheet Mask

Website: https://gotoskincare.com/

Instagram: @gotoskincare

Maddy Me by Aleenta and in-studio Instructor

Brand: FAYT The Label

All-inclusive clothing store.

“Brittney Saunders is the owner/founder and is so progressive and modern with her clothing and accessory designs. The best part is that she’s a midsize woman who tries on every piece of clothing to prove her clothing is flattering on bigger body types. She caters for all sizes and shows the ‘unedited’, ‘ugly’ side of photoshoots on her platforms. She also includes people of all different skin tones and cultures, and is a hilarious and fun woman!”

Website: https://faytthelabel.com/

Instagram: @faytlabel

Sascha Aleenta social media manager and Me by Aleenta Instructor

Brand: Shop Homelands

Authentic and ethically sourced Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander goods.

“Run by Arrernte/Luritja woman Tara Liddy, what started out as a small market stall has grown into its own pop-up and online store in my hometown of Adelaide! Tara is certified by the Indigenous Art Code and registered with Supply Nation, so you know she’s legit. She sources First Nation’s products from all over Australia, ranging from skincare, to clothing, to artwork, and more! It’s a great way to ‘pay the rent’, support Indigenous communities and is perfect for those little gifts. I love it because I don’t have to order from several different stores to get what I want – I can get lip balm, t-shirts and scrunchies all in the same order! Tara also runs ‘Clothes 4 Community’ through her shop, a clothing drive for Aboriginal families living in remote communities. I’ve met Tara a few times and she is always lovely to chat to!”

Website: https://www.shophomelands.com/
Instagram: @shophomelands

Me by Aleenta and in-studio Instructor

Brand: Bohemian Skin by Morgan Littler

Natural and organic skin care that remains effective and safe throughout all stages of life!

“I love bohemian skin! They are a skin care brand that use organic ingredients, prioritises safe skin care and is 100% safe to use during pregnancy as well!”

Website: https://www.bohemianskin.com.au/

Instagram: @bohemianskin

Mariah Me by Aleenta and in-studio Instructor

Brand: The Real Thiel

Online and in-person, personalized accounting expertise.

“I love The Real Thiel! It is a boutique accounting firm owned by Lauren Thiel who is on a mission to educate, empower and motivate creative small business owners to be more organised, more informed and more profitable.”

Website: https://www.therealthiel.com/

Instagram: @therealthiel1

Alicia Mermaid Waters studio owner, Instructor, Aleenta Training Master Trainer

Brand: Canva

Co-founded in 2012 by now executive chief officer Melanie Perkins, Canva is a graphic design platform used to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents and other visual content. In the past year alone, the online platform doubled its 2019 valuation to a whopping $6 billion.

“I love Canva! Australia’s first tech billionaire. The software is just excellent!”

Website: https://www.canva.com/

Instagram: @canva

Do you have a favourite female-owned brand? Let us know in the comments or on our socials! @aleentabarre

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