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FREE Workout | 15 Minute Barre Blaster

FREE Workout | 15 Minute Barre Blaster

This 15 minute workout is perfect for a fiery burst if you haven’t much time, or tacking onto a gym session, run, walk, or whatever you enjoy! The class goes through a progression of moves that build to some complex combos so Meg needs your concentration and focus. Know that you can always modify the movement - you can return to a previous progression or find a version that suits your level of fitness as you work up to the full class.

This class is designed based on a HIIT style of interval training whereby we go as hard as we can for 30 seconds then spend a few minutes in a moving recovery before going hard again. This type of exercise has been shown to be effective in improving the health of our mitochondria, meaning we can make more energy, FAST. Mitochondrial health has been linked to slowing the aging process and lowering the risk of developing chronic diseases.

Want more? The full 'Barre Blaster' Series is available on me by Aleenta.

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