What's (Self) Love Got To Do With It?

January 23, 2017 3 min read


We sat down with Gold Coast based Alana Arvanitis to chat about women and 'self love'. Alana is the Girl Boss of The Self Love Movement.


Tell us a bit about yourself.
My name is Alana Arvanitis and I live on the beautiful Gold Coast with my lovely partner and furbaby. I am definitely a creative soul and a massive lover of life. I have a very profound knowledge of business and entrepreneurship as I have been self-employed since the age of 18. “Self” is really a massive part of my purpose and journey throughout life. I have been self-employed, I am forever on a self-love and self-discovery journey and I believe the best relationship you could possibly have is with “self”.     
Tell us a little more about The Self Love movement? 
The Self-Love Movement is a social movement for women celebrating all things self-love. What does self-love even mean you ask? Self-love is the regard of your own well-being and happiness so The Self-Love Movements main focus is getting women together at live events to provide them with the right tools, resources and people to encourage their own well-being and happiness, to expand their minds, to empower, inspire and support them and to encourage them to be the best version of themselves.  
You are now one of Aleenta BARRE's Brand Ambassadors - how did this come about?
As I stepped more and more into my own authentic and vulnerable self I began to see opportunities and the right people flow towards me. I value my life, my body, my health and my relationships and I freely express my vulnerable side to potentially make a difference to the people around me. 


I shared a post on Facebook which was all about loving who I am and the way I intuitively exercise and eat to look after my body. It was from this message I shared that I was guided to the opportunity to become the Brand Ambassador for Aleenta BARRE Mermaid Beach. Grateful.


How are you enjoying your Barre classes?
A big smile just wiped across my face with this question! I absolutely love attending Barre classes! They are all so fun, challenging, strengthening and feminine – all the things I love. 
Which is your favourite class?
I love each one for different reasons so it is hard to pick just one class! But my fave 3 are Barre Fit, Barre Blend and Abs & Extend. I really enjoy the super fast-pace and difficulty of Barre Fit. I really push myself to the limits with this one and work up a massive sweat! I love the variety all in one with Barre Blend and I really love the intimacy and stretching of Abs & Extend, you really connect with your body with this one.

You are a Gold Coast girl - answer the follow for us:
Best thing to do on Sunday is.... Sleep in and relax! Then, venture out to either enjoy the sunny weather, visit family, or prepare for the week ahead.

Fave area of the Gold Coast is.... The Spit, Main Beach. I take my dog here for a beach walk and swim. This is definitely my happy place.


Fave restaurant at the Gold Coast... Another tough question to just say one, I have a few eating spots! One of my favourite restaurants is Mandalas in Mermaid Beach. Yum!

My idea of living a rewarding life is... Discovering the truth of who I am and continue to become. To live a wildly authentic and joyful life full of freedom, abundance and romance. To travel the world with my beautiful partner creating golden memories. To experience fulfilment by living my true passion of encouraging women to be beyond great. And to always choosing love.

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