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What to Bring to Your First Mat Pilates Class at Aleenta

What to Bring to Your First Mat Pilates Class at Aleenta

In order for your very first group fitness class to go as smoothly as possible, it’s important to know what you need to bring. Every studio is different, so it’s best to check what you need to get started. Aleenta Health Club has several guides for our first-time clients so you can attend class knowing what to bring, what to wear and what’s in store to ensure you’re prepared and ready for class. Your first class can sometimes be overwhelming if you’re never stepped foot in a Pilates studio before, so we want to make sure you feel prepared and ready! 

To understand what is required for class, it’s important to know what a typical Mat Pilates class looks like. Mat Pilates is a low-impact form of exercise, meaning it does not incorporate any jumping or movement that puts intense pressure on your joints. It’s primarily a strength-training class, meaning you will be doing little to no cardio and your heart rate won’t be reaching its maximum. However, this does not make Pilates an easy or simple class, so don’t let the terminology fool you 😘

You’ll always begin with a warm-up, however, from there classes vary as we like to keep it interesting! Sometimes you’ll start standing, targeting larger muscle groups such as the glutes and back, then make your way down to the mat for core and more targeted leg work. Other classes may follow this format in reverse, or not at all! The main constant in a Mat Pilates class is that all exercises work what Joseph Pilates (the creator!) called the ‘centre,’ which is made up of your abs, back and glutes.

What to Bring to Your First Mat Pilates Class

  • Water Bottle

  • Even though you won’t be running or jumping, you can still work up a sweat in Pilates, and your body will be using a lot of energy. It’s important to always bring water to any type of fitness class and it’s ideal to bring more than you think you’ll need, especially in the Summer months. If you forget to bring water, don’t worry! We sell cold, bottled water at all of our studios.


  • Towel

    Everybody is different, and some of us sweat more than others. If you don’t enjoy the feeling of sweat, especially if it often gets in your eyes, it can be beneficial to bring a towel. We recommended quick-drying towels so that it lasts you the whole class! Microfibre is an excellent choice.  

  • Personal Injury Support/Prevention

  • If you have been recommended by a Doctor or Physiotherapist to wear any type of injury support such as ankle straps and/or braces, sports tape, etc, be sure to bring it along to class. Don’t forget to let your instructor know about any injuries or ailments prior to class so that we can provide you with appropriate modifications.


  • Grippy Socks 

  • For hygiene purposes, we require grippy socks for every class. You’re more than welcome to bring your own or purchase in-Studio. Take note… collecting becomes an addiction 😘 



  • Hair Tie/Headband

    While we already went over what to wear to a Mat Pilates class, a reminder never hurt anyone! Whether you’re coming from work, school or home, don’t forget to bring something that keeps your hair out of your face. 

  • Bala Bangles (Optional)

    If you want to add a little extra resistance to your workout, you can invest in and bring along a pair of bala bangles. Bala bangles are unique weights that you can wear on your wrists and/or ankles, adding a few extra kilos of resistance. While we always provide hand weights in-studio, we do not have ankle weights, so bala bangles can be a fun way to work just a little harder!



    What You Don’t Need to Bring (We’ll Provide it For You!)

    Yoga Mat

    Whilst some studios require you to bring your own mat, Aleenta Health Club will always have mats set up prior to your arrival, so you can simply come into the studio, sit down and relax until class starts. Mats are always cleaned between classes to maintain hygiene, however, if you would prefer to bring your own mat for your comfort, feel free!


    You do not need to bring any hand weights, Pilates balls, resistance bands or other equipment to class. We will always provide props and just like our mats, we have a strict cleaning routine between classes for shared equipment. If you would like to purchase your own props for home workouts, you can find them in-studio or our online store!


    Attending your first Mat Pilates class can be a fun and exciting experience, and it's important to come prepared with the right items. Bringing a water bottle, towel, personal injury support (if needed), hair tie/headband, and grippy socks can help ensure a comfortable and safe workout. Remember, you don't need to bring a yoga mat or any equipment, as Aleenta Health Club provides these items for you. By following these guidelines, you can come to class feeling confident and ready to take on your first Mat Pilates experience.

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