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August 2023 Monthly Round-Up

August 2023 Monthly Round-Up

Is it just me or does it feel like Spring is in the air?

I love Spring. It signifies a time of renewal, new beginnings and transformation. And maybe that's why we have so much exciting news to share with you...the next couple of weeks are going to be busy, busy, busy with so many great things coming up.

Firstly, I want to thank everyone who took part and responded to our recent Customer Survey. I loved reading your feedback and have taken on-board your ideas, suggestions and recommendations for the way forward. The highlights of your feedback were:

✔️ You love the Challenges and events and want more of these! (watch this space...) 
✔️ Range of requests re the Schedules which we're aiming to accommodate.
✔️ More playlists
✔️ You LOVE reformer! And are wanting more advanced classes.
✔️ Strength training is now all the go - so you're wanting more options when it comes to this. 
✔️ Fix aircon at Glenelg - super happy to report new aircons installed this past weekend. 🎉
✔️ Class Etiquette and what's acceptable. The no-show / late Cancel Policy is always a hot topic, but most of you said you find it frustrating that you see full classes on the Schedule and can't get in and then 5 spots open up when people don't turn up! 

And so much's so super valuable for us to hear what you're loving / not loving so we can work on creating more of those or less! And with this feedback in mind, let's get started on what's coming your way....



We're Moving to Momence

After almost 10 years with Mindbody, we're moving to a new software system called Momence. What does this mean for you? It means a much better experience! Momence is a simpler, more user-friendly system that we absolutely love. We think you’ll find Momence intuitive to use and will enjoy the many benefits it offers. We'll be able to celebrate Class Milestones again, share more targgeted information and we'll be adding some livestreaming classes too. The change-over is planned for Wednesday 23 August. More details to come over the next few days. 

What does this mean for you?

Your account will be automatically transferred on Wed 23 August. At this stage you don't need to do anything. You will receive an email on Wednesday 23 August with further details. So until then, please continue to use the current Mindbody system as usual and all your details will be migrated across to the new system on Wed 23 August. Please continue to book via Mindbody and all your bookings will be transferred across to Momence.

We're here to support you during this transition and we will have the Community Coordinators in Studio more than usual during this week to help you should you need any assistance. We'll also have a website page dedicated to helping you transition across with loads of FAQs. You're also welcome to contact us on 0404 588 888 or via



Taking on-board your feedback, reviewing class numbers and feedback from the Aleenta Instructor team, we're revising our class offering.

Some oldies are making a comeback and we've got some exciting new classes on the Schedule. Here's an Introduction with more details to come over the next couple of weeks. 


Reformer Pilates Classes

Reformer Pilates at Aleenta
We're refining our Reformer offering following your feedback. And we're super excited to introduce our new Reformer Line-Up.

Aleenta’s reformer class for beginners or clients with limitations, pain, pregnancy restriction or injury. This smaller-size class is a traditional full-body workout focused on alignment and strength, just like Bodyformer, but the exercise design is low in coordination and high in support for neck, back, and wrists. 


Aleenta’s signature group reformer Pilates class. A traditional full-body workout focused on posture & toning. It’s a challenging, moderate-intensity workout great for all levels and those who want to focus on technique, increasing strength and stability. 


Bodyformer Plus replaces Reformer Blast. This new class style is for the experienced and strong client. You must have a minimum of 20 reformer Pilates classes under your belt and a base level of fitness. It's a traditional full-body workout focused on alignment and strength and will incorporate a rotating 4-week challenge cycle of strength, endurance, traditional and high intensity. 


Reformer Stretch is an active stretch class on the reformer where myofascial release meets mindful meditation in this dynamic, restorative class. 


Mat Classes

Aleenta Mat Classes

It's back!!!! Aleenta’s signature barre class. A traditional full-body low-impact class great for strengthening, posture and toning. You’ll feel your legs shaking and the innocent-looking dumbbells get your arms burning. Easily modified for pregnancy or post-natal clients or those with injuries. 


A whole body workout, Circuit is as the name suggests a circuit class working on  your cardio fitness while enhancing your strength, stamina, and mobility. This dynamic class is the perfect combination of cardio and strength training, designed to build muscular strength and endurance, promote heart health, and support weight loss. With stations of short, high-intensity exercises followed by minimal rest periods, you'll be challenged from start to finish.


A dynamic, whole-body workout featuring classic Pilates repertoire combined with modern exercise knowledge. Focusing on the muscles around the body’s core, creating stability, flexibility and strength. Classes are based on the Pilates principles of breath, control, precision, concentration, centring and flow.


Building on the foundations of Pilates, Pilates Plus amplifies the fitness benefits for experienced and strong clients. Above and beyond working your core muscles, we challenge the whole body with a combination of added resistance, higher intensity and endurance. This class sets a more demanding pace than Mat Pilates, while maintaining good form and technique. It will load your muscles to build strength and bone density, challenge your flexibility and boost your coordination. 

The b.class®️*

Hailing from Canada, this is a women's only dance class with a difference. The b.class®️ incorporates dance, strength and endurance training with moves to an empowering beat. With easy-to-follow choreography in a welcoming environment, enjoy moving your body with a smile. You need to experience the power of this class as a description cannot do it justice! *Currently only available at Aleenta Magill Rd.


Yoga Classes

Aleeenta Yoga Classes



Experience a sense of flow in this steady and moderately paced yoga class, with its roots in Hatha, students will link the breath to mindful movement by creatively transitioning through yoga postures (asanas). This slower-paced flow class allows time to explore the postures while cultivating strength, flexibility, balance
and calm.


Building from our mediative slow flow, this faster-paced vinyasa-inspired practice encourages immersion in breath connected movement leaving you feeling energised and centred. This more energetic yoga flow class features more
challenging sequences and stronger holds to cultivate strength, focus & energy.


A meditative yoga style, this practice features passive floor postures that are held for 2-5 minutes at a time. Yin yoga offers a deep stretch, increases circulation in the joints and improves flexibility. Yin Yoga can be challenging but rewarding, creating a
calmer mind and cultivating inner stillness, while maintaining & increasing mobility.



This past Winter we moved to Seasonal Schedules. What this means is as the seasons change we may make schedule modifications. For example, in summer 6am's are super popular as are the later class time slots. In winter, not so much! 90% of the Schedule normally stays pretty much the same. This Spring you'll notice more changes as we integrate our new Class styles. 

I know for some, you'll love it and for others your fave class may have changed or moved. I am always guided by class numbers and as much as I'm a people-pleaser, I also need to make sure the class is getting the numbers to keep it on the schedule.  

The new Schedules will commence from Wed 23 August (a little earlier due to the change-over to Momence). With Roaming Zen joining our Magill Rd community on Monday 28 August, this new Schedule will have a 2-stage introduction as the new Roaming Zen Instructors join us from 28 August!


Bourke St (VIC)

Bourke St Studio - Spring 2023 Schedule

Click here to view Bourke St (VIC) Spring 2023 Timetable

Glenelg (SA)

Glenelg (SA) Studio - Spring 2023 Schedule

Click here to view Aleenta Glenelg (SA) Spring 2023 Timetable.

Magill Rd (SA)*

Magill Rd (SA)

Click here to view Aeenta Magill Rd (SA) Spring 2023 Timetable.

*Full Schedule will commence from Monday 28 August 2023.

Mawson Lakes (SA)

Aleenta Magill Rd Studio - Spring 2023 Schedule

Click here to view Aleenta Mawson Lakes (SA) Spring 2023 Timetable

Rundle St (SA)

Aleenta Rundle St (SA) - Spring 2023 Schedule

Click here to view Aleenta Rundle St Spring 2023 Timetable.


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