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Road-testing The Base Collective Magnesium Flakes: do they really relieve aching muscles?

Road-testing The Base Collective Magnesium Flakes: do they really relieve aching muscles? - Aleenta BARRE

It was a long weekend. Not the public holiday variety. More the... taking-on-a-job-too-big-for two-days-variety.

We had decided to pull down an internal brick wall at home. What seemed at first glance to be super easy turned into a back-breaking weekend of two 10-hour days hauling bricks and rubble.

Boys helping during demolition phase. No children or animals were harmed in the removal of this wall 🤣

I completed about 40 trips (maybe a few more or less) in and out of the house and a long hallway pushing a wheelbarrow full of bricks and rubble (a new Barre F.I.T exercise perhaps 🤔 haha).

By the end of day two – my husband and I were both spent, sore and exhausted. (the kids not so much!) Our tired muscles were crying out for some relief.

I lay on the bed on Sunday night trying to work out how I was going to get off it to put the kids to bed. Then I remembered my The Base Collective ‘Magnesium Salts’.
I promptly got the kids to bed and poured myself a bath with ½ a packet of said magnesium salts. The pack recommended ½ to 1 packet per usage – I wish I had used the entire pack, but I was planning to keep half for my next muscle emergency post barre burn class this week…
I had heard a number of times the benefits of magnesium and my girlfriend swore by magnesium oil for leg cramps when pregnant. So I had high hopes.

Let me be clear – even getting into the bath was a struggle. I heaved my aching limbs and stiff back into the bath feeling every bit my age.

The Base Collective Magnesium Salt

I couldn’t see or feel the salts in the bath, they kind of felt like an invisible miracle-worker. During the bath I really didn’t have any indication they were in the bath with me.

Just to make sure I had activated them correctly, I re-read the pack which states that you “start with tired, aching muscles and finish by soaking the day away." That the naturally derived ingredients ‘may assist with muscle fatigue’.
Back of The Base Collective Magnesium Salt

As I got out of the bath (after a little longer than the minimum recommendation of 20mins 😉 that included devouring a couple of magazines which had been sitting on my bedside table for a month or so) I completely forgot I had gotten in grumpy and sore.

Most noticeably my back was no longer aching. I literally could not get relief prior to the bath and now I actually felt good and pain-free. #BathTransformation
I have no doubt that the dual benefit of the warm bath loosening my tight muscles combined with the magnesium flakes helped to significantly reduce my muscle soreness and function. I Was. Am. Sold.

The Base Collective are a seriously cool, clean, natural and organic range of products. Created by two clever mums from my hometown of Melbourne, Co-founder and Pharmacist, Cassie Sanghvi wanted to create a range which is free from nasties using the best natural and organic ingredients available. I love that their brand is created by two chicks, and I also love their brand values – ‘simplicity, good vibes and keeping real’. Their website says ‘Life isn't perfect. Even if it appears that way on Instagram. You know what is real and so do we.” Love it!

You can get your hands on a pack of these amazing salts for a modest $14.00 AUD and they deliver Australia Wide! Not just limited to magnesium salts, The Base Collective also produce a range of magnesium oils, white tea body wash and body balm plus a variety of pet and baby products too - which means the whole family can enjoy some relaxing bath time.

I am now planning on getting the kids into bed early tonight and use that second half of the pack.
I don’t remember reading anywhere that two magnesium baths in 2 days is not recommended…
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