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6 Benefits of doing online workouts at home

6 Benefits of doing online workouts at home

My obsession with online workouts started as a little girl watching the queen of home workouts - Jane Fonda. Glamour, sparkles and leg warmers. What little girl wouldn’t be enamoured?

Another fave was Richard Simmons (I know I am questioning my taste right now too!). Who could forget that high pitched voice and everyone working out in their clothes?! Seriously?

But I digress. My point is that online workouts have been around for many years, and with the craziness in the world right now many of us are rediscovering their power. Working out at home is gold. And seriously once you get yourself in a routine - you won’t look back!

Here are my top 5 Reasons why online workouts rock: 


1. Convenience. 

This has to top the list. I mean you can do a workout literally anywhere. You have them on your phone, ipad or computer and can do them at home, in the backyard, at the park, even at work! There is no having to wait until a certain time to take the class, or look for a park, or wait until the hubby comes home to look after the kids to find that hubby is late and you now can’t make it…

The convenience is #1 in my book. As convenience means easy. And easy means I am more likely to do it. It means I have less excuses NOT to do it!


2. Flexibility of anytime, anywhere

The flexibility of being able to get on and do your workouts whenever it suits you. See above for less excuses. 

3. Variety

This is a plethora of online workouts available today. Not like the good ol’ days where we all relied on Jane and Richard – today there are amazing range of online programs. 

Of course, we are a little partial to our own me by Aleenta where we have over 200 workouts and growing daily. When you have variety, it means you can change-up your workouts, every workout or over time. Our Aleenta Master Trainer, Alicia Min Harvie, asked her Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist husband to scour the world’s research papers on what is actually the best workout. And long story short - it is the workout you enjoy doing. As she says “motion is lotion”. As long as you are enjoying doing it – you will stick with it and get the results you are after.

So, you may kick off your health journey wanting to simply get fit. However, not have the level of cardio fitness you would like and want to instead focus on strengthening and toning.  But as you get stronger and fitter, you may incorporate cardio into the mix. With me by Aleenta – you can do all this. We have workouts and Programs which take you on a journey from Beginner to Advanced and everything in-between. Whether it is a barre workout, Pilates, yoga or High Intensity cardio workouts – we have a huge variety of workouts and programs so you don’t get bored. 

Want a little taste? We have many of our me by Aleenta classes available for FREE on YouTube!


4. Commitment

Now this one is a double-edged sword. The pros are that you determine when you want to workout. So, if you are pre-menstrual and have a Netflix and chill vibe going on you can skip the workout without the guilt of paying for a Studio Class. The cons are that if you are have a Netflix and chill vibe going on regularly, you are going to need to self-motivate to get yourself moving. We get it. Life gets in the way, you prioritise everything else over yourself. But we say no more. Your mental and physical health is THE most important thing in the world. Without feeling happy and healthy, you (and your family) cannot function. 

Our #1 tip is to schedule it in. Commit to yourself that no matter what you are going to do your workouts at a specific time or day that works for you. And hold yourself accountable.

5. Cost-effective

Working out at home is the most cost-effective way to workout. For a number of reasons:

  • You can literally wear your PJs (we don’t recommend a nightie if doing yoga 😳). In all seriousness, you can wear whatever, it doesn’t matter as long as you can move and feel comfortable. 
  • You are not paying to drive anywhere, park, etc, etc. 
  • Time is money as they say and you are not messing around getting to and from the gym or studio.
  • Working out at a Studio is $30-$50 per week or $7 per day. Me by Aleenta is less than $1 per day. So you are literally saving money. Well that’s what I tell my husband when I bought that pair of shoes on sale!


6. No need to feel self-conscious

I was sitting at the hairdressers the other day and overheard the hairdresser saying to her client, ‘yes, I really want to get fit too. But I feel like I need to get fit, before I can join the gym. Like I need to go for a run and then I will be fit enough to get started’. And she is not alone. The number of times I have spoken with customers and they are self-conscious about getting started. Worried that they will be too young, too old, too skinny, too big, too unfit, to fit and the list goes on. A MAJOR benefit of doing it online is who cares?!! No-one. The only person you have to satisfy is yourself. No need for self-consciousness or feel too this or that!



Join us for a FREE 14-Day Trial  and try it out for yourself. And let us know if you have any reasons to add to this list!

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