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Ever Watched 'The Block'? See Our Mawson Lakes Studio Transformation!

Ever Watched 'The Block'? See Our Mawson Lakes Studio Transformation! - Aleenta BARRE
Have you seen The Block?


Well yesterday Jasmin, Tara and I experienced it in non-reality TV life. I was fully expecting Scotty Cam to walk through the door at any moment.



At start of day, we had a list a mile long to complete before the judging, well okay opening night in our world 😉.


When I arrived first thing the carpenter was working, the painter putting finishing touches and let's face it - I was not confident we were going to be ready. 


This week we have experienced the trials and tribulations that can go along with renos. And I can confidently say that I was almost in tears a few times. 😭



But we got there.


If it was judging night Shayna would say there was a lack of storage and Darren would point out some of the finishes are not crash hot.


But it looks and feels gorgeous. And over the next week it will all come together.


And what's even better is that from our new Schedule starts Monday and we have around 50 classes per week at the Mawson Lakes Studio.


Mawson Lakes Barre Studio


Studio 1 (above) will house our barre & mat Pilates classes and Studio 2 (below) our Yoga and FIT Classes. 


Mawson Lakes Yoga and HIIT Studio


After many, many requests we are now offering a range of yoga classes at our Mawson Lakes studio including Flow Yoga, Yoga Foundations, Power Yoga and Yin Yoga. Stay tuned for a detailed blog on Yoga and the different styles of yoga we will be offering.



Experience a sense of flow in this steady and moderately paced yoga class where you will build on the knowledge gained from our ‘Yoga Foundations’ class. With its roots in Hatha, students will link the breath to mindful movement by creatively transitioning through yoga postures (asanas) to create an organic flow.

Who is suited to this class? Flow yoga is a 1hr class allowing students to get out of their head and follow a rhythm of practice. An Ideal stepping stone for beginners or gentle release for intermediate yogis.


Power Yoga is our most powerful, challenging and energetic Vinyasa yoga class. Connecting the breath to movement in a flowing sequence of postures designed to stimulate the mind and wake up the body by increasing the heart rate and creating internal body heat.

Who is suited to this class? Power Yoga is designed to build overall strength, tone, increase flexibility and improve balance. Discover your deepest potential and push the limits of what is possible.

This 1hr class is ideal for those wanting to challenge their practice from our ‘Flow Yoga’ class – prepare to sweat!


Yoga Foundations is a slow, gentle and specific class with an emphasis on alignment. Foundations yoga allows for a deeper understanding of key postures and basic sequences. Understanding the why and the how. The foundation of knowledge gained in these classes will empower students to translate these techniques into any yoga class.

Who is suited to this class? A 1hr class ideal for beginners to start their yoga practice and the perfect class for intermediate yoga student to refine their technique.


‘Yin Yoga’ - is a practice designed to stretch the body and work deep into connective fascial tissue. A more meditative approach to yoga, with a practice of passive floor postures that are held for 2-5 minutes at a time. With the aim of increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility by applying moderate stress to the connective tissues of the body – the tendons, fascia, and ligaments.

Yin Yoga aims to calm the mind and cultivate inner silence. A balanced class to complement the more dynamic (yang) style of yoga and barre practices

Who is suited to this class? A beautiful 75min class, allowing ample time for centering and relaxation with an extended guided meditation at the end of each class. This style of yoga is suitable for everyone


And we will be offering more Barre FIT's. Yay I hear you say! 


So thank-you if you have experienced the renovations, the dust and inconveniences. And thanks to everyone who joined us for class and a champers to celebrate last night. I look forward to you enjoying the new Studios and stay tuned as we continue to refine the Schedule and I can't wait for you to experience it all. 


Kylie x 
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