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Barre Star: Bronzing Bodies with Jasmine Scarr


1) Tell us a little about Jasmine Scarr?

I am 31, Gold Coast born and bred and love reading, fitness, Italian food and red wine.

2) As a fitness girl, what did you first think when you tried Aleenta BARRE?

I fell in love! I suffer from scoliosis and degenerated discs so these classes are perfect for me. I have noticed my legs are more toned since I started and I love the stretching component plus meditation at the end.

3) Tell us what is has been like starting and growing a business on the Gold Coast?

It has been a journey, and at times I wondered how it would afford to pay rent, but I kept going and 11 years later I now have four lovely staff and am able to take a step back and watch my baby grow.

4) What advise do you have to say for first time spray tanners?

Why did it take so long to do it! Haha - start off natural and build from there. I can assure you you will be addicted. That barre body will look better than ever GF!

5) Can they look natural and how do you avoid looking orange or looking fake or streaky?

Drink lots of water, hydrated skin absorbs tan and will fade evenly with no patchiness. Our blends will not make you orange, our ingredients are the best on the market. Only use natural products on the skin prior to and post tan (our range is highly recommended of course!) We assess your skin type prior and will never tan you darker than what you skin can handle.

6) As a fellow business in the Mermaid neighbourhood, where should we all go and check out?

Well...besides my salon of course...Double Barrel Kitchen in Mermaid Waters is my favourite Cafe with delicious coffee. And Bonita Bonita is the best for healthy Mexican.

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