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Four Li'l Creatures at the Barre...

Four Li'l Creatures at the Barre... - Aleenta BARRE

Tanya is mum to 4 (all under 5 mind you!). Works full-time and gets to barre 2-3 times per week... clearly we need some tips on time management. Here's her barre journey....

Well my name is Tanya. I am 32. I have 4 children under 5: Two boys Noah and Scout and two girls Margot and Harriet. My first and last are 4 years and 2 days apart…so safe to say I get pregnant easily! I am married to an amazing man Daniel. We also have a dog Dot. To be honest dogs are more demanding than children…

I grew up on the Yorke Peninsula and did the token “move to Europe once you finish a degree” as well as moving interstate for a few years when I came back. I have worked in Child Protection (which is my passion) and currently work in Residential Care. I plan to do my Masters next year (well that is the plan).

I am incredibly close to my family especially my mum and sister (who help keep us sane with all the babies!) and I have an amazing group of friends. My dad devastatingly passed away 5 weeks prior to my first being born, however I see him in Noah a lot, especially the older he gets.

I guess there isn’t really too much to tell about me but…I think pineapple definitely needs to be on pizza and you cannot go past a good sav blanc.

We love your insta, your 4 little creatures are just divine! How did you start developing this? 

I actually fell into it. I started a Facebook page when I had 2 or 3 babies (they blur into one) and started posting about the funny things they would say or do. However as I progressed with more children people took interest into my little tribe and it just went from there. I actually love photography and taking photos of my favourite little people has come naturally to me. Plus they are funny and aesthetically pleasing which makes for easy content!

How do you find the time for BARRE?

My husband has always enjoyed exercise and found time to fit it into his schedule. Myself on the other hand was always ‘anti-excersie’ no matter how much he encouraged the benefits. It wasn’t until I had my second baby that decided I needed to start doing something purely for me. I first started attending a boot camp 3x a week and continued this until it finished when I was pregnant with my 4th baby. Since I have had my 4th baby and returned to full time work I find the 6am and weekend classes the most family friendly. I guess I have found time to attend BARRE because not only do I love the hour that I can spend on me but I love the energy it gives me for the rest of the day. I try to attended between 2-3 classes per week but understand life can get in the way and don’t beat myself up if I miss a class.



What improvements have you seen in both your body and mind since starting at Aleenta BARRE?

I have seen results quite quickly since I’ve started at BARRE. I love the different classes that are offered. I try to mix it up between FIT and Burn. I enjoy the different dynamics and the challenge of them both. I have especially noticed a difference with my core and legs!  I have also noticed that I am also getting stronger and have more energy. With 4 children under 5, I certainly need all the energy and strength I can get!

In regards to my mind I never thought I’d enjoy the mediation end to all the classes. Well it turns out it is my favourite part. Not only does it 100% relax you following a tough session, but has taught me to relax in other aspects of my life. The actual exercise and sense of accomplishment when you can finish a class feeling stronger than the week before is also great.

Which BARRE move do you have the most love/hate relationship with?

As any of the instructors would attest (sorry Paris and Em) I despise the pulses and holds they routinely make us do in BARRE Burn. They make it look easy but I promise you this. It IS NOT EASY. However, I can feel my little muscles building each time they utter those dreaded words…PULSE and HOLD.


* Thanks to Glenelg Studio Partner, Tara Cotter for these awesome pics. Too cute :)

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