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Top 10 Tips For Exercising As The Weather Cools.

 Trying to motivate yourself can be a tough gig, especially with winter just around the corner, so its more important than ever to know what is motivating you get to class and think about how you will feel after class. Make sure you are coming to feel amazing, cause working out doesn't always sound so appealing to us all. Most importantly - have fun, enjoy and make the most of it!


1. It is important to keep the momentum going during the cooler months as summer
bodies are made in winter!

2. When it’s colder and darker, we move a little more slowly and feel a little heavier so getting the blood pumping with a F.I.T class is a great way to start the day and wake 
you up. Doing some cardio to burn fat is great in the colder months as we tend to enjoy heartier meals and live a more sedentary lifestyle.

3. Combining a F.I.T class with more traditional barre classes, such as Barre Burn or Barre Blend are a perfect mix during winter. F.I.T raises the heart rate and Blend or Burn are great for stretching and warming up the muscles to tone your body.

4. In the cooler weather, the body takes a little longer to warm up; the key is listening to your muscles and giving them the time they need to be ready for the day ahead, not just bashing into it headfirst.

5. Be aware of that extra intake of heartier meals and adjust your energy output through exercise.

6. We all want to be inside when it’s cold outside. Barre classes are (obviously!) indoors – so it’s more about making the commitment and motivation to get to class. It’s about mindset. You need to strengthen your willpower and resilience – say YES and then act on it.

7. The only person you answer to at the end of the day is you; someone else out there is getting out of bed earlier, working harder and doing more than you. It’s your decision if you choose to hit snooze and spend your morning hiding
​under the covers.

8. Don’t give in to comfort – life is about pushing yourself and it is harder when it’s cold outside, but you will enjoy the benefits once you have got your exercise over and done with in the morning! No need to feel guilty for having comfort food at dinner.

9. Create your own fitness Challenge - see how many classes, exercises you can do in a month or two. Giving yourself a goal or target is always a great way to motivate yourself to go the extra mile.

10. Start a buddy system - pal up with a friend; this always gives you the extra motivation to get to class. Boost each other’s energy and positive vibes to get you out of the house and into the studio – make a date of it!

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