Aleenta BARRE On-Demand | Stream Online Barre Classes

October 17, 2019 1 min read

Aleenta BARRE On-Demand | Stream Online Barre Classes

It has been more than a few months in the making...but, we're super excited to announce that we now offer Aleenta BARRE On-Demand our online barre studio where you can stream the classes you love, now in your living room! 😍

Here's the low down on all things Aleenta BARRE On-Demand:

  • You can try it out first with a 5-Day FREE Trial prior to a subscription, so...umm...why not? 🤷‍♀️ 
  • There are two Subscriptions you can choose from #1 Monthly @ $29.99 or #2 Bi-Annual @ $149.94 every 6-months (Subscriptions start immediately after the 5 day trial ends.)
  • Subscriptions are ongoing, start anytime, end anytime - Simple as that.
  • We'll be dropping videos like they're HOT 🔥 i.e Weekly...every Monday...9am. So, make sure to watch out for our email.
  • We've filmed these WITHOUT music. We thought, "Our Aleenta BARRE Lovers are a cool bunch with unique tastes and a keen ear for great beats. I bet they'd like to throw on their own playlists instead of always listing to ours..." however, we've provided links to our Spotify playlists anyway, even if you are a pretty cool hipster muso. 😎
  • Shorter classes! for the time poor we chose to make (mostly) shorter classes - 10, 20, 30 all the way up to 1hr full classes. Take your pick to make your routine fit! 🙊 hehe

Got questions? We've got answers head here to see if we've got you covered!

Now there's never an excuse to not get your barre on 😘

P.S Aleenta BARRE 2-Class, 3-Class & Unlimited Members get 50% off the monthly On-Demand price. To access this Member Discount email