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Ellie Crozier

Ellie Crozier

Ellie Crozier

Yoga, Mat & Reformer Pilates Instructor 

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calm | kind | clear

Ellie came to Aleenta as a yoga teacher and got so into the practice of Pilates that she trained in mat and reformer!

She guides you through group classes with a brightness and clarity that leaves you feeling strong and restored, like, you float out of the studio after a tough workout.

In all of her classes, she'll teach breath work to support powerful mindful movement as you explore the subtle connections of body, mind and outside world.

Ellie happily welcomes beginners and pre/postnatal students, and helps you to modify to get the yoga asana (postures) working for your unique body.

She is known for being a huge anatomy nerd, popping some cheeky myofascial release into her classes, and practising Barre alongside her yoga students when she's not working. 

When she's not in the studio, you'll find her raising 2 small and wild humans with her partner, writing blogs for Aleenta, and hiking in the hills.

Move with Ellie


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